Six Original Flown B-1 Bomber Route Maps - 1986/87


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Color laminated flip maps (6) with card covers.  Pilot (assigned to Combat Crew Training) name inked in several volumes along with 96 Bomb Wing/337 Bomb Sq out of Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas. Several have route information printed inside covers (emergency airfields, restricted areas, route altitudes, special operating procedures, etc.). Routes are Red Flag (Dyess to south of Alamosa, CO), IR 177 (NM & S. Colo), IR 473 (ND, WY), IR 165 (W. Texas along the border with Mexico), IR 502 (KS, Iowa), Dyess 4HI (Guthrie SID Regional Departure to Ellsworth AFB).  Each booklet 8vo (7x9"), card covers with illus, green duck tape spines.  Used and lightly worn from use in flight.  Unique cold war bomber relics!