WWII PBY Aviation Radioman Log Book - 1944/45


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Very complete and fascinating logbook of ARM3C Herbert Forrest, attached to Patrol Bombing Squadron 197, USN Pacific Fleet.  Inside the front cover is a portrait of his sweetheart inscribed by her "To my only darling, Love forever__".  On the facing page is pasted his flight orders and on the reverse is pasted a leather embossed name tag for a flight suit.  the log starts with 10 pages of entries from Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida, from Oct 1944 to June 1945.  From July to August 1945 there are four pages of entries flying from Kearney, California.  Total time in the log is 248 hours with flights of up to 8 hours.  Most flights are in the PB4Y-2 and PBY5 while several are in an R4D and one is in SNB2C and one in a B-24.  All entries have aircraft tail numbers.  In the back is pasted his flight clothing inventory and inserted loosely is a receipt for his flight clothing turned in November 1945 when he was discharged.  Interesting notes are "...near water loop", "...flight to Cuba" and "went off end of runway".  Excellent condition.