Unique Record of Bleriot's Flight Across the English Channel - 1909


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An historic relic from the record flight across the English Channel by Bleriot in 1909.  The flight was witnessed by famous journalist Harry Harper who sat at the elbow of a Marconi telegrapher sending wireless messages to a similar station at Dover, England.

This lot is a page from an old stamp collector's holdings comprising:

1)  Penciled slips in the hand of the telegrapher documenting Bleriot's takeoff in France on 25 July 1909 at 4:48 am and landing at Dover, England, the same day at 6 am.. These slips are the actual text of the telegrams sent and received.

2)  A typewritten, signed document by Harry Harper, famous journalist, who witnessed Bleriot's flight.  Harper was at the elbow of the telegrapher as he sent wireless signals from a Marconi station in Calais, France to another at the Lord Warden Hotel, Dover, England.  

Items are in envelopes and attached to an aerophilatelic sheet for display.  The penciled notes can be partially viewed thru the envelopes but have not been examined outside of their mounting.  Very good condition.