Pan Am Boeing 314 "YANKEE CLIPPER" Photo Album - 1939


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Fantastic album featuring 19 vintage original b&w glossy photos mounted on descriptive pages.  Featured are multiple views of the Pan American Boeing 314 Flying Boat Yankee Clipper on her May 20, 1939 inaugural flight across the Atlantic.  Seventeen (17) photos are 5x7" and 2 are 4x6".  The 5x7's carry a small label on the reverse: "Photo by 'Flash' Hyman. Not to be used for publication".  Each of the 5x7's have an extensive typed text pasted beneath.  Subjects include a crew portrait, the Clipper moored for first flight, pilot's controls, flight deck, takeoff from New York, loading mail, landing at Lisbon Portugal and Marseilles France, and unloading mail in France.  Album pages and photos excellent; all photos corner mounted (not pasted)