NORTHEAST Airlines 1st Officer and Captain's Uniforms w/Hat - circa 1960's


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Two uniform coats, one trouser and garrison cap.  Captain's coat custom made by Jacob Reed Sons, Norristown, Pennsylvania, is named to D.K. Moulthrop and dated February 1967. (See photos for details) The captains coat has NE Airlines wing and the hat is beautifully done with gold emblem and 4-captain's bars on the rim.  Of course, the captain's coat has four sleeve hash marks; the 1st officer coat has three.  Northeast Airlines began operating under that name in 1940 and flew contract flights for the military during WWII.  Howard Hughes owned the airline from 1962-1964; it merged with Delta in 1972.  At the time this uniform was used, NE was flying to Miami, Montreal, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Bermuda among other destinations.  NE was based in Boston.   All items are in very good condition.