"Red Baron" von Richtofen Fabric Bring-Back Lot


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Small lot of memorabilia from a WWI pilot's estate as follows:

1) Envelope with handwritten text: "Baron von Richtofen's fabric - via Watts".

2) Small piece of fabric contained in envelope (1.5" long x 0.75" wide), tight weave, red paint on fabric.

3) Postcard size (3.5x5.5") original photo of an Royal Flying Corps pilot sitting amidst a crashed aircraft.  Ink text lower right in photo reads: "Cheerio Gordy/What price glory?/H.D.C./1918".

4) Small b&w photo, 1.5x2.5" with name in the negative and four penciled names on the reverse.  Photo shows several WWI aviation cadets wearing their distinctive white bands on their campaign hats.

5) Small business card leather wallet, no contents.

It's difficult to authenticate these aircraft fabric pieces except by referring to related artifacts in the lot which seem to indicate a real piece of the Red Baron's tri-plane fabric.