Attributed Royal Flying Corps Binoculars - 1917


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Nice pair of binoculars, heavily marked as listed below.  Attributed to Lt. Robert Archibald Steel.  Steel was a Pte in the Scottish Rifles and later in 16th Sqn, RFC.  He was killed on 27 March 1918 at age 18.  The binoculars are heavily marked both top and bottom flats and on the case. 


CASE No.2 Prismatic Binocular

T. French & Son Ltd



(Large stamped letters) J.M.S.

British Broad Arrow below closing belt buckle


Left Eyepiece: Binocular Prismatic No.2 Mk 7/Magnification 6/No. 7057

Right Eyepiece: Ross London/1917

Left Bottom Lens: British Broad Arrow/ R.N.A.Steel

Right Bottom Lens: British Broad Arrow

Condition: Case is fair-good, top loop separated at one end, all other straps intact.  Binoculars have age tarnish and left eyepiece is chipped.  Leather neck strap is intact.  Optics are fully functioning and clear.  The stampings do not all seem to relate directly to Robert A. Steel but perhaps to family members.   The binoculars are clearly WWI British military.  A handwritten ink note inside the case identified the binoculars to Lt. Robert Archibald Steel and listed highlights of his record.  Also in the lot is a copy from the British National Archives of Steel's medal record. Deserves much more research.