Lot of Miscellaneous Aircraft Sales Literature - circa 1970-2000


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Seven items comprised of brochures, photos, cutaways, etc. as follows:

1) Czech Aerospace brochure, 16 pages, 8x11"

2) Airbus 340 color photo, 8x11"

3) Dornier 326 (Midway Connection) color photo, 8x11"

4) N-250 brochure, IPTN (Indonesia), 12 pages, 8x12"

5) McDonnell-Douglas C-117 sticker, 3.5x10"

6) Messier-Bugatti 4 page brochure announcing corporate headquarters move

7) De Haviland Dash 8 cutaway drawing, 11x17"

All items in very good or better condition.  THIS ITEM SHIPS IMMEDIATELY FROM ARIZONA.