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AERO PIONEER TIMES.  Four issues of this short-run newspaper printed in about 2011 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Cal Rodgers 1911 across-the-U.S. trip in the Fin Viz.  Publisher David Hallmark promised 36 issues but I believe only these four were ever published.  Each issue is a full-sized newspaper (12.25 x 22.5") of 6 pages.  Each issue also has a banner at the top celebrating a milestone on the Vin Fiz's flight across the U.S. What follows are small clips of aviation events from the early period, mostly 1911.  (The images below show only the top half of page one) The four issues here are all listed as Vol I Issue I but each is dated August - November 1911.  When I searched through ViaLibri I could find no other offerings of Aero Pioneer Times for sale worldwide.  Very good condition.  A very rare set.