• Das Flugzeug fur die Kriegsmarine und den Wassersport - Design of racing boats and seaplane floats

    SKU: 15-B-00060

    Rosner, Karl F.M.  Das Flugzeug fur die Kriegsmarine und den Wassersport.  Berlin, C.J.E. Volckmann, 1912.  61pp, illus w/ line drawings and photos, 6.5x9.5", hard cover.  Good, sound condition.  German text.  Theory and practice of boat hull and seaplane float design.  Sections w/photos of the famous flying boats of the period.

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  • Nocturne Militaire - Elliott White Springs

    SKU: 15-B-00057(WWI)

    Springs, Elliott White.  Nocturne Militaire.  New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1927.  288pp, illus by famous artist Clayton Knight, 5x8".  About good plus, bright cover, clean text.  Springs is a famous author who started his literary career with "War Birds".  This is a fictional account based upon Springs' service as a decorated WWI ace. 

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  • Letters from a Flying Officer - R.S. Wortley, RAF WWI

    SKU: 15-B-00055(WWI)

    Wortley, Rothesay Stuart.  Letters from a Flying Officer.  London, Oxford University Press, 1928.  207pp, 5x8".  Sound volume but only fair due to faded spine label, foxing throughout, one page chip (not affecting text), small piece missing from back cover paste-down, small ads for the book pasted inside front cover, etc..  Unfortunately difficult to find in much better condition.  Wortley was a WWI ace flying Bristol fighters; he was awarded the Military Cross in 1918.

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  • One Man's War - The Story of the Lafayette Escadrille

    SKU: 15-B-00052(WWI)

    Hall, Lt. Bert and Lt. John J. Niles.  One Man's War - The Story of the Lafayette Escadrille.  New York, Henry Holt & Co., 1929.  353pp, photo illus.  Fair-good, solid text block, old ink price inside front cover, cover wear.  Key history for a comprehensive aero library.

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  • Quentin Roosevelt - A Sketch with Letters

    SKU: 15-B-00050(WWI)

    Roosevelt, Kermit (ed).  Quentin Roosevelt - A Sketch with Letters.  New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1921.  282pp, illus.  Good-VG condition.  Memoirs (publ letters) of Pres. Teddy Roosevelt's son, killed in WWI air combat at age 21.  Included loose inside are a news clipping with the famous photo of Quentin's grave and a special cachet postal cover of the Quentin Roosevelt American Legion Post, 1929.  Hard-to-find memorial volume. 

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  • Heaven High Hell Deep, 1917-1918

    SKU: 15-B-00048(WWI)

    Archibald, Norman.  Heaven High Hell Deep.  New York, Albert & Charles Boni Publishers, 1935.  350pp, blue cloth hardcover, 6x9".  About good +; seldom found in better condition, previous owners name inside front cover.  Archibald was a famous pilot and then POW in the 1st Pursuit Group, 95th Aero Sqdn.  This has been more common but now is seldom found.  Nicely written account of Archibald's journey through enlisting, flight training in France, then off to the front, captured and repatriated.

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  • Seaplanes & Motors, Early Military Aircraft of the First World War

    SKU: 15-B-00044(WWI)

    Mayborn, Mitch (publ).  Dallas, Flying Enterprises, 1971.  6x8", 96pp, illus, wrps.  Very good.  Facsimile reprint of rare booklet, Aircraft of the Belligerents in the Year 1914, USN Gas Engine School.  Rather like a pocket Janes with wonderful drawings and photos.

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  • Sky Fighters of World War I

    SKU: 15-B-00042(WWI)

    Eisinger, Larry (ed).  Fawcett Books No. 484, 1961.  7x9", 144pp, illus, wrps.  Good, sound copy.  Stories of ten top aces of WWI, both Allied and Axis.

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  • Sopwith Camel Ace

    SKU: 15-B-00039(WWI)

    Todd, Robert M. (author).  Falls Chruch, VA, AJAY Enterprises, 1978.  6x9", 112pp, illus, wrps.  Good plus.  Autobiography of famous 17th Aero Sqdn ace and POW.  Uncommon.

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  • Early Flying Machines

    SKU: 15-B-00038(early aero)

    Dale, Henry.  London, The British Library, 1992.  7x10", wrps, 64pp, illus.  Pre-Wright aero history, brief.

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    15-B-00038(early aero)