• Sky Fighters of France - Henri Farre

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    Farre, Lieutenant Henry.  Sky Fighters of France.  Cambridge, Riverside Press, 1919.  1346pp, 24 illus from this famous artists paintings, 9x11".  Fair condition as usually found in this book.  Several pages have foxing damage, cover spine flaked, textblock and covers surprisingly sound, very good hinges.  Farre painted about 200 pieces of which 70 are in the Air Force Art Collection.  (I collect Farre's work, both paintings and lithos; please advise if you have or know of other painting locations)

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  • Kelly Field in the Great War - WWI Air Service History

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    Kroll, Lieut. H.D. (ed).  Kelly Field in the Great War.  San Antonio, San Antonio Press Co., 1919.  216pp, 9x12", photo illus, unit histories and pictures.  About good-fair, front cover foxed (black spots).  A must for every serious WWI library.

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  • Ellington Field 1918 - WWI History

    SKU: 15-B-00068

    Stack, Lieut. Joe.  Ellington Field 1918.  Houston, Unknown publ, 1919.  320pp, 9x11", illus w/ unit and individual photos, many rosters of both enlisted and officers to include home towns.  A wealth of information for the researcher.  About fair-good condition,  leatherette covers have some edge chipping and hinges are weak but covers and textblock are still together.  Uncommon today.

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  • The Battle of Chatillon - Rare History of 2nd Corps Aero School

    SKU: 15-B-00066

    Wurzburg, Lt. Donald B.  The Battle of Chatillon.  Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dean-Hicks Publ., 1919.  First edition, 8x11", 136pp, heavily photo illus., roster of pilot graduates to include sqdn of follow-on assignment.  Condition as-new.  Interesting story:  in about 1975-80 I saw an ad for this book from Don's Book Store in my hometown of Grand Rapids.  I ordered a copy and it came wrapped in manila paper as from the publisher.  I called Don and he said he discovered a case of these books in a warehouse.  He had 10 copies left and I bought them all.  This one came back to me from a collection I purchased.  Very, very rare.

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  • Les Aeromobiles - 1911

    SKU: 15-B-00065

    Goldschmidt, Robert.  Les Aeromobiles.  Paris/Brussels, Dunod & Pinot, 1911.  422pp, illus w/many photos and drawings.  Publ as soft cover but later bound in stiff card covers.  6x9", good, French text. 

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  • Moedebecks Taschenbuch - Flugtechniker und Luftschiffer, 1911

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    Suring, Prof. Dr. R.  Moedebecks Taschenbuch - Technical Handbook for Lighter-than-Air and Heavier-than-Air Flight.  Berlin, M. Krayn, 1911.  920pp, illus w/photos, tables, drawings.  4.5x7", hardcover, German text.  Good, front hinge crack, else sound.

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  • Wonderful Balloon Ascents - circa 1875

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    Marion, F.  Wonderful Balloon Ascents, or The Conquest of the Skies; A History of Balloons and Balloon Voyages.  London, Paris and New York, Cassell, Petter & Galpin, n.d. (circa 1875).  Translated from the French.  224pp, illus, 5x7".  Fair-good, professional repair to head of spine, sound text block, gilt edges, fancy cloth embossed cover (some stains).   Scarce. 

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  • The Art of Aviation

    SKU: 15-B-00062

    Brewer, R.W.A.  The Art of AViation - A Handbook upon Aeroplanes and their Engines with Notes upon Propellers.  New York, McGraw-Hill, 1910.  6x9", 253pp, profusely illus w/drawings and photos.  Good, front hinge loose, color cover illus bright.  One of a number of books cashing in on the romance of flight 1908-1912; this one nicely printed on heavy paper with an attractive binding.

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  • L'Aeronautique - Early Ballooning Book

    SKU: 15-B-00061

    Banet-Rivet, M.  L'Aeronautique - Library of Science and Industry.  Paris, Societe Francaise d'Editions d'Art, 1898.  272pp, numerous wonderful illus of balloons, equipment, gliders, etc.  6x9", French text.  Good plus, a little light foxing.  Some technical equations for ballooning. 

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  • Das Flugzeug fur die Kriegsmarine und den Wassersport - Design of racing boats and seaplane floats

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    Rosner, Karl F.M.  Das Flugzeug fur die Kriegsmarine und den Wassersport.  Berlin, C.J.E. Volckmann, 1912.  61pp, illus w/ line drawings and photos, 6.5x9.5", hard cover.  Good, sound condition.  German text.  Theory and practice of boat hull and seaplane float design.  Sections w/photos of the famous flying boats of the period.

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