• With Courage and Faith - History of No. 18 Sqdn RAF

    SKU: 17-B-00014

    Butterworth, A.  With Courage and Faith - The Story of No. 18 Squadron Royal Air Force.  Kent, Air-Britain Ltd, 1989.  64pp, illus, 8x12", soft cover.  Well-documented history of the sqdn from 1916 thru 1985.  Appendices with detailed information on the squadron.  Very good.

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  • Fahren und Flegen - 1935

    SKU: 17-ZEPP-00007

    Pfeiffer, Eduard A.  Fahren und Fliegen.  Stuttgart, Franckh'sche, 1935.  312pp, illus., 7x10".  Extensive coverage of airships with many photos not often seen.  German text.  Good, some bumping.

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  • Days of Trial and Triumph - Lockheed Story

    SKU: 17-B-00012

    (Corporate Publications).  Days of Trials and Triumph - A Pictorial History of Lockheed.  Burbank, Lockheed, 1969.  110pp, illus, softcover, 8.5x11", good condition.  Full page on each historic event from the 1913 hydroaeroplane to S-3A in 1969.

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    SKU: 17-ZEPP-00006

    Zeppelin - 50 Years of the Zeppelin Company.  n.p, n.d (ca. 1958) 84pp, illus., 8.5x11", dust jacket.  Wonderful collection of early zeppelin photos, especially of constuction and interiors.  Last few pages show products manufactured by Metallwerk Friedrichshafen GMBH post-Zeppelin era.  Small insets of Zeppelin ephemeral items interspersed throughout the pages.  Very good.  German text.

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  • The History of Airships

    SKU: 17-ZEPP-00004

    Clarke, Basil.  The History of Airships.  London,  Herbert Jenkins Ltd., 1961.  194pp, illus, dust jacket.  Very good.  Nice history of airships from the British perspective.

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  • Unlocking the Sky - Glenn Hammond Curtiss and the Race to Invent the Airplane

    SKU: 15-B-00091

    Shulman, Seth.  Unlocking the Sky, Glenn Hammond Curtiss....  NY, Harper-Collins, 2002.  258pp, illus, 6x9".  As new in dj. 

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  • The Aeroplane - Grahame-White and Harper

    SKU: 15-B-00089

    Grahame-White, Claude and Harry Harper.  The Aeroplane - Romance of Reality Series.  London, Jack Ltd., 1914.  280pp, illus, 6x8".  Fair, photo cover, chips top of spine, ink inscrip inside front cover.  Early summary during the exciting early days of HTA flight.

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  • Echoes of Eagles

    SKU: 15-B-00088

    Woolley, Charles.  Echoes of Eagles, A Son's Search for his Father....  New York, Dutton, 2003.  307pp, illus. 6x9".  As new w/dj.  Sons' account of his father's service in the First Pursuit Group, US Air Service, WWI.

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  • Deutsche Luftwaffe - Vol I & II

    SKU: 15-B-00083

    Nowarra, H.J.  50 Jahre Deutsche Luftwaffe, Vol I (1910-1915) and Vol II (1915-1918).  Berlin/Geno/USA, 1961/1964.  212pp/231pp, profusely photo illus, 6x9".  VG w/good dj.  German and English text and illustrated titles.  Seldom found important set.

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  • War Letters of Edmond Genet - WWI Lafayette Escadrille Pilot

    SKU: 15-B-00082

    Channing, Grace Ellery (ed).  War Letters of Edmond Genet, The First American Aviator Killed Flying the Stars and Stripes.  NY, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1918.  330pp, illus, 5x8".  Good plus.  Important memorial volume of a famous WWI pilot KIA.

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