WWII Books

  • WWII 8th Reconnaissance Group Unit History - 1945

    SKU: 22-B-30

     (publ by 633rd Eng Bn)  8th Reconnaissance Group Activities Jan1 through June 30, 1945.  Large folio 10x14", wrps, 26pp, illus w/ b&w photos, dedicated to 27 died in action.  Marked "restricted" on cover. Likely printed in theater where units appeared to serve mostly in SE Asia.  Likely not many of these survived due to flimsy paper used.  Fair-good; light cover soiling.

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  • L.A.M.A. (Lodwock Aviation Military Academy - circa 1943

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     61st Army Air force Flying Training Detachment, Avon Park, Florida.  Tampa, Tribune Press, circa 1943.  Typical class yearbook for WWII flying cadets.  32pp, 8.5x11", wrps.  Heavily illus, includes 13 class photos w/names.  Ink annotations of classmates of Robert F. Soule.  Front cover says: "The Country Club of the Air"...better believe it, a garden spot in Avon Park on the water!  Fair-good; light cover soiling.  A rather obscure flight training location.

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  • A-26 Invader

    SKU: 22-B-25

     Mesko, Jim.  A-26 Invader in action, Aircraft No. 37.  Squadron Signal Publ, 1980.  50pp, b&w and color illus, wrps, 11x8.25".  Very good.

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  • A-20 Havoc

    SKU: 22-B-24

     Mesko, Jim.  A-20 Havoc in action, Aircraft Number 56.  Squadron Signal Publ, 1983.  50pp, b&w and color illus, wrps, 11x8.25".  Very good.

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  • Douglas A-26 Invader

    SKU: 22-B-15

     Mesko, Jim.  Douglas A-26 Invader, Walk Around No. 51.  Carrollton, Texas; Squadron Signal Publ, 2008.  80pp, 11x8.25", wrps, heavily photo ilus.  Excellent.

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  • Boeing P-12, F4B

    SKU: 22-B-14

     Maloney, Edward T. et al.  Boeing P-12, F4B, (Aero Series 5).  Aero Publ, 1966.  48pp, photo illus, color drawings, wrps, 7.25x10.75".  Seven ink autographs on title page (unknown individuals). Inserted inside cover is the P-12E flyer from the Air Force Museum. Good, light cover fading.

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  • Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

    SKU: 22-B-13

     Maloney, Edward T. et al.  Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, (Aero Series 6).  Aero Publ, 1966.  52pp, photo illus, color drawing, wrps, 7.25x10.75".  Very good, price hole punched, slightly musty. 

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  • Chance Vought F4U Corsair

    SKU: 22-B-12

     Maloney, Edward T. and Uwe Feist.  Chance Vought F4U Corsair, (Aero Series 11).  Aero publ, 1967.  48pp, photo illus, color drawing, 7.25x10.75".  Very good, slightly musty, price hole punched.

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  • Messerschmitt 262

    SKU: 22-B-11

     Hirsch, R.S., Uwe Feist and H.J. Nowarra.  Messerschmitt 162, (Aero Series 14).  Aero Publ, 1967. 52pp, illus, wrps, color drawings, 7.25x10.75".  Very good, price hole punched, slightly musty. 

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  • North American P-51

    SKU: 22-B-10

     Maloney, Edward T. and Uwe Feist.  North American P-51 Mustang, (Aero Series 15).  Aero Publ, 1967.  52pp, illus, color drawings.  Very good, price hole punched front cover, musty.

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