WWI Books

  • WWI Delco Aviation Ignition - 1918

    SKU: 21-CAT-129

     Aviation Ignition - A Description of the Delco Generator Battery Ignition as Applied to Modern Aviation Engines.  Dayton, Ohio, The Dayton Engineering Laboratory Company, 1918.  50pp, photo illus, hardcover.  A celebration of WWI accomplishments, a memorial to participation in the development of the French Lorraine Dietrich, Hall-Scott and Packard engines, and an introduction to post-WWI production capabilities.  A seldom seen volume with wonderful photo illustrations.  Very good; front hinge weak.

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  • WWI L.V.G. Aviation History - 1919

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     Das Flugzeug - L.V.G.  Berlin, Jacoby-Boy, 1919.  154pp, 56 full-page plates on the L.V.G. factory at the back plus 23 plates on the flight school.  Chapters include:  We Fly, From the Past (includes Wright Bros.), The Two Germans, The Flying Brothers, Mechanical considerations, Construction of the Plane, The Giant, The Aviation Company and It's Factories, Starting/Flying/Landing, Aviation School, Air Traffic, and Workshops.  Comprehensive and lavish story of this famous WWI German aircraft.  Expert spine repair, very good overall.  A rare WWI aviation history. 

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  • Curtiss OX5 Aeronautical Motor Parts List - 1917

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     Original Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company booklet.  64pp, photo illus, 5x8", original blue cloth stiff covers.  Very good; light spine wear. 

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  • Eberhardt - Unsere Luftstreitkrafte, 1914-18

    SKU: 21-B-2

     von Eberhardt, Walter.  UNSERE LUFTSTREITKRAFTE, 1914-1918.  Weller, Berlin, 1930.  467pp, 11x14", embossed cloth cover, profusely illustrated, four folding plates of aircraft identification plus a 91pp list of German aviators killed in combat. A memorial to German aviation in WWI.  I think this is the most beautiful book ever published German aviation.  Excellent condition.  (Very heavy and will require extra postage).

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  • War in the Air - 9 volumes

    SKU: 20-B-1

     Raleigh, Walter and H.A. Jones.  War in the Air, 9 volume set.  London, Oxford University Press, 1922-1937.  This is the definitive history of the Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force in World War I, the original first edition not the reprint.  Set includes two map cases with 42/28 maps, there are many other folding maps throughout the text.  The last volume is Appendices dated 1937.  Vol VI is ex-libris RAF library (about fair with numerous RAF library stamps).  Vols II, Vol III maps and Vol V carry RAF Staff College Library bookplates.  The set averages good condition.  For a very similar set in my library, I paid $1000 many years ago.  On-line prices are in the $2000-3000 range.  This set is very reasonably priced. 

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  • 20th Aero Squadron History (NY Public Library Reprint)

    SKU: 18-B-00012

    Barth, C.G.  History of the Twentieth Aero Squadron, First Day Bombardment Group, First Pursuit Wing, Air Service, First Army, American Expeditionary Force.  Winona MN, Winona Labor News, n.d. circa 1920.  100pp, illus, rosters.  Zerox copy from the New York Public Library, bound in red buckram.  Very good reprint, some photos faded.  Original copies of this book are very rare and will list at $300 and up.  This is a good copy for your reference library.

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  • Aerial Age Weekly - Bound Set 1915-1918

    SKU: 18-MAG-00009

    A wonderful complete bound set of this important American aviation weekly.  The run starts with Vol 1, No. 1 on March 22, 1915 and continues through Vol 7, September 1918.  Ex-Connecticut State Library set.  Usual library labels and stamps; some light soiling, bumps and minor flaws.  Very heavy set that will require extra shipping charges.  I seriously considered retaining this set in my own library but then I can't keep everything....grab it before I change my mind! (Automatic ordering not available for this item.  Inquire and an invloce will be sent)

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  • Fooks - Prisoners of War [WWI]

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    Fooks, Herbert C.  Prisoners of War.  J.W. Stowell, Federalsburg, MD, 1924.  456pp, illus (some graphic), roster of POWs by state in the appendix.  SIGNED by author under his photo.  A scholarly work by a prominent lawyer and DSC winner in WWI.  Very good condition.  Quite rare, especially signed (only one other on book sites).  Very good with mylar slip cover.

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  • American Negro in the World War

    SKU: 18-B-00001

    Scott, Emmett J.  The American Negro in the World War.  Privately printed, 1919.  608pp including 96pp of photographs, 7x9", embossed cover with gilt buffalo.  Significant and comprehensive coverage of the contributions of Black Americans in WWI, 31 chapters on every possible aspect of this issue by a special assistant to the secretary of war.  Generally good but rear hinge gone.  This work is usually in poor shape but this one is better than normal.

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  • Aces and Kings - Sutherland (WWI Australian Flying Corps in Palestine)

    SKU: 17-B-00026

    Sutherland, L.W.  Aces and Kings.  London, John Hamilton, 1920.  277pp, illus, 5 x 7".  About fair with internal foxing (common in this volume), spine fading, cover bumps, slightly shaken.  Author was pilot in Aurstralian Flying Corps No. 1 Squadron in Palestine, WWI.  Tells the human side of aerial combat and service in WWI middle east.  Classic work not often found today.

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