Pre-1914 Books

  • Hankin - Animal Flight - 1913

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    Hankin, E. H. Animal Flight, A Record of Observation.  London, Iliffe & Sons, 1913 (stated first edition).  405pp, illus, 6 x 9".  About fair; bumps at head and foot of spione, 1x2" stain at top of cover, contents very good.  Early attempt to scientifically explain bird flight; also a section on the flight of flying fishes!

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  • Headley - The Flight of Birds - 1912

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    Headley, F. W. The Flight of Birds. London, Weatherby, 1912.  163pp, illus (many are photos of bird wings).  5x7".  About fair; spine fading and pp84-87 have neat tape repair to reattach to text block. 

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  • Borelli - The Flight of Birds - 1912

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    Borelli, Giovanni A.  The Flight of Birds.  London, Aeronautical Society of Great Britain, 1911.   40pp, illus, facsimile reprint of a first edition printed in Rome, 1680.  4pp bibliographic notes on the translation and importance of this work.  About fair; contents very good but covers faded and a 1"spine tear (nothing missing).

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  • James Means - Five Aviation Patents

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    Means, James.  Five Patents Related to Aviation.  Boston, 1909.  8pp, green card covers, 6 x 8.5".  Describes five patents (but no illustrations); one for signalling apparatus and four for launching apparatus, types A,B,C,D.  The signalling device injects smoke into the engine exhaust in a Morse Code format!  The lauching devices include two with infinite cables, one using commpressed air from a windmill(!?) and another calling for reefing the wings for launch and extending them after!  Booklet is excellent and likely never widely distributed.  Means was a famous early visionary and author/publisher of the four Aeronautical Annuals starting in 1895. 

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  • Foulois - From the Wright Brothers to the Astronauts

    SKU: 17-B-00026

    Foulois, MGen Benjamin D. (with C.V. Glines).  From the Wright Brothers to the Astronauts - The Memoirs of Major General Benjamin D. Foulois.  New York, McGraw-Hill, 1968.  306pp, illus, dj in mylar, VG.  The best auto-biography/biography of the Father of U.S. Military Aviation.  A fascinating story of the early days of flight in the US.  Not often seen for sale and a "must" in every aviation library.

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  • CULLUM'S REGISTER of West Point Graduates - Rare Complete Set of 11 Volumes, 1879-1980

    SKU: 16-B-00003

    Cullum, Brevet MG George W.  Biographical Register of the Officers and Graduates of the U.S. Military Academy.  Complete run from Vol I to Vol IX (Vol VI in two parts) plus the 1970 and 1980 Cullum Memorial Editions.  Vol I-III published in 1879 and covered graduates back to 1802; subsequent volumes each covered the previous 10 years in detail but briefly went back to the first graduates and listed everyone subsequent.  All volumes are in good or better condition.  An extremely rare set; previous owner spent over 20 years assembling this wonderful reference.  (Automatic ordering not available for this set.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent.  Additional shipping costs will be necessary)

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  • Aeroplane in War

    SKU: 15-B-00121

    Grahame-White, Claude and Harry Harper.  Aeroplane in War.  Phila., Lippincott, 1913.  6x9", 214pp, x-lib.  Title page loose, rebound in maroon buckram.  Good reading copy.

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  • Heroes of the Air

    SKU: 15-B-00116

    Grahame-White, Claude and Harry Harper.  Heroes of the Air.  London, Frowde, Hodder & Stoughton, 1912.  6x9", 272pp, illus.  Library plate from Wright-Patterson Tech Library and stamp from German library WWI.  Colorful cover, usual library stamps, front hinge weak but intact, top of spine chipping.  About fair overall. 

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  • The Airman - Mellor

    SKU: 15-B-00108

    Mellor, Captain C.  The Airman, Experiences While Obtaining a Brevet in France.  London, John Lane, 1913.  5x8", 123pp + 24pp ads, illus.  Good.  Very early flight training account.  Rare book.

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  • The Boy's Book of Aeroplanes

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    Hubbard, T.O. and Charles C. Turner.  The Boy's Book of Aeroplanes.  Edinburgh, Neill & Co., 1913.  227pp, illus, 6x8".  Bright embossed covers, about good plus.  Nice chronology and list of first flights.  Interesting photos of early a/c and crashes. 

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