Pre-1914 Books

  • G. Eiffel - Nouvelles Recherches (Atlas) - 1914

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    Eiffel, G.  Nouvelles Recherches sur la Resistance de l'Air et l'Aviation (Vol II, Atlas).  Paris, Dunod & Pinat (ed), 1914.  67pp, 39 folding plates, large folio 10x13".  Each plate has a drawing of the sideview of a circa 1914 aircraft and lift/drag curves for the full aircraft model in a wind tunnel at a variety of angles-of-attack.  Also several plates of propellers and dirigible hangars.  A beautiful publication seldom offered.  Library stamp from the Academy of Model Aeronautics.  About good condition.

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  • Lougheed - VEHICLES of the AIR - First Edition, 1909

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    Lougheed, Victor.  Vehicles of the Air.  Chicago, The Reilly and Britton Co., 1909.  First Edition, 479pp, 270 illus.  Blue cloth, gold embossed cover.  A wealth of information on LTA, HTA, manufacturing, accessories, aircraft types, how-to-fly, flight records, etc.  Good with typical wear on cover edges, spine top-and-bottom; some light foxing.  A sound copy and a comprehensive one-volume reference on the very earliest machines.

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  • Means - The Aeronautical Annual 1895

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    Means, James (ed).  The Aeronautical Annual - 1895.  Boston, W.B. Clarke, copyright 1894.  172pp, illus, 6x9", wrps.  Means collected articles from famous researchers on early flight for his volumes  This is the first of four annuals from Means:  1895, 1896, 1897 and the Epitome.  It is said that the Wright Bros. used these in their design work.  This copy in good condition with typical wear over about 120 years. 

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  • 1913 Die Flugkunst

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    Neyen, E.  1913 Die Flugkunst am Scheidewege.  (Aviation at the Crossroads, Latest Flight Research and Statistics of 1912-13).  Berlin, 1913.  40pp, wonderful photos of strange air machines and numerous crashes.  Four page table by date of crashes by famous aviators;  lists date, pilot's /passenger's name, location of crash, death or injury (mostly deaths), height of fall, type of machine...and much more.  Inside back cover are stats on airship crashes to include cost of the machines.  A treasure trove of information and classic illustrations.  Quite a rare publication at a wonderful time of early and dangerous flight.  None other listed on viaLibri.

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  • Motorluftschiffe und Flugmaschinen - 1909

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    Solff, Oberleutnant S.    Motorluftschiffe und Flugmaschinen. (Flying Machines and Motors).  Berlin/Leipzip, Herman Hillger, ca. 1909.  95pp, illus, 5x7", wrps.  Section on lighter-than-air and another on heavier-than-air.  About good, some small edge tears.    

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  • System Schweers Swing Wing - 1914

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    Prospectus and technical report on an early German swing wing design.  Privately printed from type, looks like mimeo.  50pp text and technical calculations followed by 43 line drawing illustrations.  Wrps, 8.5 x 13".  A lttle difficult for me to decipher with my limited German and the unusual engineering drawings but it appears to be a swing or rotatiing bi-wing that is connected to a pivoting landing gear.  Some cover chips but otherwise good.

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  • Mit Z.1001 uf dem Balkan - 1919

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    (no author).  Mit Z.1001 uf dem Balkan (Schilderung der Besatzung).  {With the Z-101 to the Balkans as described by the crew}  Berlin, Preuss' Institut Graphik, 1919.  34pp text, 29 plates including large foldout of Istanbul.  Original illus card covers, 8x10", about fair with light water stain botton 20% (not affecting text or photos), rubber stamp in two places from a well-known aviation collection.  Wonderful b&w aerial photos from German to Turkey, ca. 1917.  Only one other copy on viaLibri for $2500!

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  • Leitfaden der Luftschiffahrt und Flugtechnik - 1909

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    Nimfur, Dr. Raimund.  Leitfaden der Luftschiffahrt und Flugtechnik.  Wein/Leipzig, A. Hartleben's, 1909.  444pp, 221 illus, art deco bookplate of Josef Morgenstern inside front cover.  Brown cloth illus cover, very good with minor corner bumps.  Part I: Balloons & Airships, Part II: Aerodynamics/Gliding/Powered Flight, Part III: Technical Calculations.  A very comprehensive treatment of flight to 1909.

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  • Der Freiballon in Theorie und Praxis - 2 Vol. Boxed - 1912

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    Mehl, Adolf.  Der freiballon in Theorie und Praxis (Free Balloons in Theory and Practice).  Stuttgart, Franckh'fchen, n.d. (ca. 1912).  Vol I 259pp, Vol II 266pp, illus, dj, original box.  5.5x8", about very good.  End papers have color tables of the 50 colored pennants of flying clubs throughout Germany.  Some edge chips to dj.  A beautifully illustrated set; Vol I is mostly history and ballooning basics including equipment on board, flying fields, etc.  Vol II covers meteorology and more details on equipment including gas generators.  German text.

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  • Vogelflug und Flugmaschinen - 1910

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    Prochnow, Dr. Oskar.  Vogelflug und Flugmaschinen. Leipzig, Theo.Thomas, 1910.  101pp, illus, hardcover, 5x8", attractive pictorial cover of stork in flight and a Wright aeroplane behind.  Chapters on bird flight, analysis of bird wings, propellers, and early heavier-than-air machines with nice illustrations and early photos.  German text.  Very good condition.  

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