Pre-1914 Books

  • Spanish American War Roster - 1899

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     Useful original printed roster for the Department of the Pacific and Eighth Army Corps., Major General Elwell S. Otis, U.S. Vols, Commanding. Published by the Adjutant General's Office, January 1899, Manila, Philippine Islands.  41pp + 9pp personnel index, wrps, stapled, 5x8".  Good, back paper cover loose.  Extensive listings of officers in all units to include their unit, duty assignments, rank, name, and locations.  

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  • J.R. Gaunt Pictorial Catalog - circa 1905

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     Large folio, 11x14", hard cover, approx 200pp, 48 plates (2 in color), index.  Lavish catalog for this famous British insignia maker.  Thousands of buttons, badges. swords, medals, cap badges, hats and epaulets pictured in photographs.  Label pasted on lower left of cover is for the New York Office of Gaunt.  Condition is about fair with corner bumps, and some light water stains and wrinkling. Wonderful reference; photos carry index numbers but no textural descriptions. SOLD

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  • 1913-14 British Aeronautics Report

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     Technical Report of the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics for the Year 1913-14.  London, His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1915.  537pp, illus w/photos and drawings, covers missing.  A wealth of information on early aviation in these just-pre-WWI days.  Fair; no covers and first and last pages loose.

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  • Langley Memorial - 1906

    SKU: 21-B-25

     Adler, Cyrus.  Samuel Pierpont Langley.  Washington, GPO, 1907.  18pp, wrps, 6x9.5".  Reprint from the Smithsonian Report for 1906; test of a paper read before the Philosophical Society of Washington on Nov 24, 1906.  Essentially a biography of Langley.  Good; some rear cover chips and pencil checkmarks in text.  SOLD

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  • French Technical Publication on Propeller Aerodynamics - 1912

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     Gandillot, Maurice.  Abrege sur L'Helice ef La Resistance de L'Air.  Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1912.  188pp, illus w/drawings, wrps, 9x11".  Fair, some edge bumps and small back cover stain.  French text, early treatise on propellers.

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  • Langley Monograph - 1908

    SKU: 21-B-23

     Langley, Samuel P.  Researches and Experiments in Aerial Navigation.  Washington, GPO, 1908.  Smithsonian reprint from the reports of 1897, 1900, 1901 and 1904.  Approx 56pp, illus with plates, wrps, uncut.  About fair-good, covers loose, edge chips.  A rare summary of the famous Langley Aerodrome experiments.  SOLD

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  • International Air Map and Aeronautical Marks - 1911

    SKU: 21-B-15

     Lallemand, CH.  International Air Map and Aeronautical Marks.  Washington, GPO, 1912.  10pp, illus w/drawings, 6x9.5", wrps.  Extract from the Smithsonian Report for 1911.  Author is President of the French Assoc. for the Advancement of Sciences.  Report of French work on standardizing aerial maps with the intent of making this an international standard.  Good. SOLD

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  • Pioneer Wind Tunnels - 1930

    SKU: 21-B-13

     Randers-Pehrson, N.H.  PIONEER WIND TUNNELS.  Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1935.  Reprint from the Smithsonian Report 1935. 20pp + 4 plates, 6x9.5", wrps, uncut.  Compares and pictures 16 early wind tunnels 1871-1909.  Useful reference.    

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  • Ritter, Dr. Wolfgang. The Flying Apparatus of the Blow-Fly - 1911

    SKU: 21-B-5

     GPO, Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1911.  78pp, illus with 20 b&w plates,  6.5x9.5".  Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Vol. 56, No. 12.  Good, some light edge chipping.

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  • G. Eiffel, The Resistance of the Air and Aviation - 1913

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     "Experiments Conducted at the Champ-de-Mars Laboratory".  Translated by Jerome C. Hunsaker, Assistant Naval Constructor, USN.  London & New York, Houghton, Mifflin, 1913.  242pp, 10x12.5", illus, red cloth covers,  27 folding plates and one vellum plate in back cover pocket.  A compilation of data from Eiffel's large wind tunnel experiments which were of significant benefit to the early aeroplane designers. Hinges weak but intact, from the Reference Section, Hill Library, Saint Paul with two small ex-library marks.  Overall good condition.

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