Pre-1914 Books

  • Die Flugkunst am Scheidewege - 1913

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     Neyen, E.  Die Flugkunst am Scheidewege.  Berlin, 1913.  40pp, extensively illus w/crash photos, 8x11.5", wrps.  Title translates to:  The Art of Flight at the Crossroads/The Latest Research Results/Statistics About Flight Crashes 1912-13.  Most interesting is a four page table of  about 250 crashes with dates, pilots, location, type of aircraft, wind speed, etc.  Good; a few cover edge chips and toning.  (Automatic ordering not available for this item. Inquire and an invoice will be sent)

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  • Motorluftschiffe und Flugmaschinen - ca. 1909

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     Golff, Oberleutnant a. D. R.  Motorluftschiffe und Flugmaschinen.  Berlin, Hermann Hillger Co., n.d. (c. 1909).  96pp, 37 illus, wrps, 5x7.25", German text.  Coverage of the history and present practice (ca. 1909) of ballons, airships and heavier-than-air (Wrights, Santos-Dumont, Farman, Bleriot, Antoinette, etc. all pictured).  Good-VG, light cover toning.

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  • The Aeronautical Annual - 1895/1896/1897

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     Means, James (ed).  The Aeronautical Annual (for) 1895, 1896 and 1897.  Boston, W.B. Clarke & Co.  The 1895 volume has 172pp, illus, 6x9.25", very good.  The 1896 volume is 158pp, illus, fair w/some spine text loss.  The 1897 volume is 178pp, illus, also fair.  All covers are intact and text blocks are sound.  Means selected the very best articles of the time from such illustrious aeronauts as Langley, Chanute, Lilienthal, Maxim, etc. 
    In a letter to James Means’s son, Philip, dated November 12, 1921, Orville Wright wrote: “The Aeronautical Annuals of 1895-96-97 contained the best collection of reprints from the work of the earlier experimenters in aviation…, and I do not know of a better collection today. Your father showed rare good judgment in his selections, separating most of the good work from the mass of worthless matter which had been published. “Your father’s work was of great benefit to us, and I think of my personal acquaintance with him with affection.” 
    This is a rare set in reasonably good condition and seldom offered with all three volumes together.  An unusual opportunity to obtain the entire run!
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  • Langley Aerodrome Excerpt for 1914 Smithsonian Report

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     Four pages of text and plates 1 & 2 removed from the 1914 Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution, 1914.  This is the classic report on the tests by Glenn Curtiss of the Langley Aerodrome in which is stated: "The tests thus far have shown that the late Secretary Langley had succeeded in building the first aeroplane capable of sustained free flight with a man."  As a result of this report, the Wrights moved their Flyer to England; it was only returned after the Smithsonian published a report retracting their 1914 statements.  Very good original.

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  • Lilienthal - The Problem of Flying - 1894

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     Lilienthal, Otto.  The Problem of Flying and Practical Experiments in Soaring.  GPO, Washington, 1894.  18pp, illus, 6.25x9.75", vintage reprint from the 1893 Smithsonian report, wrps, stapled.  Fair-good, cover loose from text block, some tape repairs.  SOLD

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  • Lilienthal Reprint of 1889 Edition - 1943

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     Lilienthal, Otto.  Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst.  Berlin and Munich, 1943.  196pp, illus + 8 folding plates, brown card covers, 6.25x9".  German text. Very good.

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  • Lilienthal by Gerhard Halle - 1962

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     Halle, Gerhard.  Otto Lilienthal und Seine Flugzeug-Konstruktionen.  Munich, Deutsche Museum, 1962.  68pp, wrps, illus, 6x8.25".  German text.  Very good.

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  • Lilienthal - Birdflight as the Basis for Aviation - 1911

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     Liliethal, Otto.  BIRDFLIGHT as the Basis for Aviation.  Longman, Green & Co., London, 1911.  142pp, illus, 8 folding plates, orig green cloth.  X-Lib St. Paul with minimal markings. About good, light wear to top & bottom of spine.  A classic work by this famous aviation pioneer.  SOLD

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  • French Aeronautical Dictionary - circa 1908

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    de Baeder, F.A. and G. Dubouchet.  Dictionaire Illustre' de la Navigation Aerienne.  Librairie Aeronautique, Paris, n.d. (ca. 1908).  140pp, 150 illus, cloth w/pasted-on pictorial cover illus., 5.5x7.25".  Very good; several pages have pencil underlining.  Nice early dictionary published at the time of the first French aero meets.  (Note: this item cannot be ordered in the shopping cart.  Email me and an invoice will be sent) SOLD

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  • Belgian Technical Report on Wright Aeroplanes - 1910

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     Bia, Georges.  Les Freres Wright & Leur Oeuvre. (The Wright Brothers and Their Work by Geo. Bia, Belgian Representative of the Wright Brothers).  Report of the Aeronautical Section of the Belgian Society of Industrial Engineers, 1910.  Libraire des Sciences Aeronautiques, F. Louis Vivien, Paris, 1910.  56pp, illus w/ drawings and photographs, 7x10.5", wrps, French text.  Good; bottom spine cover chipped.  A very important work on the Wright aeroplanes just after their triumphant flights in Europe. SOLD

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