1919-1940 Books

  • Pioneer Wind Tunnels - 1930

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     Randers-Pehrson, N.H.  PIONEER WIND TUNNELS.  Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1935.  Reprint from the Smithsonian Report 1935. 20pp + 4 plates, 6x9.5", wrps, uncut.  Compares and pictures 16 early wind tunnels 1871-1909.  Useful reference.    

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  • The Auto Giro: Its Characteristics and Accomplishments - 1930

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     Pitcairn, Harold F.  The Auto Giro: Its Characteristics and Accomplishments .  Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1930.  8pp, 9 plates, 6x9.5", wrps.  Reprint from Smithsonian Report 1930.  Article by famous auto giro designer.  Very good.  (2) 

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  • Ten Years' Gliding and Soaring in Germany - 1930

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     Georgh, Prof.Dr. Walter.  TEN YEARS' GLIDING AND SOARING IN GERMANY.  Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1930.  12pp + 6 photo plates.  Reprint from the Smithsonian Report  1930.  Good, light soiling on cover. (2)

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  • Report on Experimental Aerial Survey at Ottawa [Canada] - 1920

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     Ottawa, The Air Board, 1921.  6.5x9.75", 16pp, 3 folding plates including one color map of Ottawa.  Detailed description of the equipment, camera angles, etc. used to produce a photo mosaic of the city.  Very good.

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  • Advance Information....Formation of NAA - 1922

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     Advance Information on the Second National Aero Congress to Form a National Aeronautic Association.  Board of Commerce Building, Detroit, Michigan, Oct 12-14, 1922.  The Advance Committee on Organization, Washington and Detroit, 24pp, illus, 6x9", wrps.  Convention program, map showing air and rail travel times across the US, map of the Selfridge Field National Air Races on these same dates, registation form and a list of the Detroit Aviation Society members.  Poor-fair, center four pages roughly torn from staples.

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  • State Aeronautical Legislation and Compilation of State Laws - 1929

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     GPO (Dept of Commerce), Washington, 1929.  76pp, 6x9", wrps.  State-by-state summary of aviation laws as of 1929.  Good.

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  • Air Navigation, Statutory Rules and Orders - 1923

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     London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1924.  46pp, 6x9.5", wrps.  Good, one cover stain.

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  • The First Flight to the North Pole and the Crossing of the Polar Sea - 1927

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     Speech to the House of Representatives by Hon. Roy O. Woodruff, Michigan.  GPO, Washington, 1927.  16pp, 6x9.5", wrps.  Narrative of the Byrd crossing on the date of the presentation of congressional medals to Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett.  Text seems to be written by the Aerial League of America with a short intro spoken on the floor by Woodruff.  About fair-good; some light stains/underlining/folds.  (3)

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  • Aeronautics - 7th Annual Report - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics - 1921

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     GPO, Washington, 1921.  58pp, 9x11.25", wrps.  Contents include:  Legislation, Aerological Service (Weather), Industry, Military, Scientific Research, Air Mail Service and, Helium and Airships.  Includes a letter of transmittal to the Aerial League of America signed by John F. Victory, Assistant Secretary of the NACA, and its first paid employee.  (NACA existed from 1915 to 1958, then became NASA) Very good, several small cover edge chips.

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  • Instructions for the Storage of Airplanes, Engines, Their Parts and Accessories - 1921

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     Air Service Information Circular Vol III, No. 256.  GPO, Washington, 7/15/1921.  12pp, 8.25x11", wrps, 3-hole punched.  Separate sections on Airplanes, Engines, Armament, Equipment, Propellers and Rust-Preventing Compounds.  Very good.

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