• French Observation Balloon - circa WWI

    SKU: 21-P-322

     Real photo postcard, 86x138mm, b&w.  Darker image of an observation balloon surrounded by scores of ground personnel.  Very good, unused

    Price: $15.00
  • WWI US Navy Observation Balloon

    SKU: 21-P-321

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Text in negative: "U.S. Navy/Observation Balloon/(c) I.F.S. from N. Maser, N.Y.".  Excellent, unused.

    Price: $25.00
  • U.S. Navy Blimp Over Queen Elizabeth

    SKU: 21-P-320

     B&W, 3.5x5.5" postcard, likely a K-Ship over the Q.E. Excellent, unused. (2)

    Price: $5.00
  • Army Airship/Aerial Sprayer - 1923

    SKU: 21-P-316

     Vintage postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Text in negative refers to this as an Ag Balloon assigned to spray for a gypsy moth infestation in New Hampshire, 1923.  Very good; light soil, unused.

    Price: $35.00
  • Airship Above Trees - circa 1930's

    SKU: 21-P-315

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Unknown type but may be the Hindenburg.  Excellent, unused.

    Price: $10.00
  • US Navy B-3 - circa 1918/24

    SKU: 21-P-313

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Text in negative identifies B-3 making a recruiting trip to a San Diego high school.  The B-3 remained in service until 1924 and then disappeared off the rolls.  Excellent condition.

    Price: $25.00
  • Goodyear Pilgrim - 1925

    SKU: 21-P-312

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Copyright statement on reverse from Liverpool, England.  Excellent, unused.

    Price: $25.00
  • US Navy F-Class - Lakehurst 1927

    SKU: 21-P-311

     Real photo post card, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Looks like the F-1 with extensive ground crew; Lakehurst hangar in the background with USS Los Angeles inside.  Very good, postally used with message about Los Angeles in hangar.  (Another available, same image but lighter sepia tone, Clements 1927 copyright on front, unused, very good.  Same price.)

    Price: $30.00
  • Graf Zeppelin Over Ocean - circa 1929

    SKU: 21-P-310

     Appears to be a real photo postcard (on Kodak paper) but of an artist rendering.  Airship had "Graf Zeppelin" logo above control gondola.  Reverse has typed text at the top: "H-96 Graff (sic) Zeppelin".  Very good, unused.

    Price: $8.00
  • Graf Zeppelin Flown Verdol Oil Advertising Card - 1929

    SKU: 21-P-309

     Interesting 3.5x5.5" card with text at the bottom front: "This  card was brought from Germany on the Graf Zeppelin voyage ending August 4, 1929".  The reverse left panel has details on this airship along with a statement that its motors used Verdol oils.  The right panel urges readers to use Verdol oils.  While this is of postcard size, it has no room for an address or message.  Good, light dust.  

    Price: $35.00