• Gordon's Official Monthly Australasian Air Guide - 1952

    SKU: 18-AIR-00014

    Sydney, Richard Geraint, April 1, 1951.  160pp, illus, 5x6.5", 4-fold map of air routes in Australia and New Zealand inside front cover.  Maps, rates, schedules.  Very good.

    Price: $25.00
  • Guide Europeen de L'Air - 1950

    SKU: 18-AIR-00013

    European Air Guide (in French and English), 21 Sep 1950.  506pp, 7x10", card covers, wrps, newsprint yellowing, first page loose and chipped, overall fair.  Produced as a throwaway.  Organized by country and sections are separated by stiff card folding maps.

    Price: $20.00
  • IATA Traffic Guide - 1982

    SKU: 18-AIR-00012

    23rd Edition, 1 Dec 1982.  International Air Transport Association, Montreal, 1982.  Approx 125pp, card covers, 8x11", wrps.  Very good.  Extensive listings of numerical and letter code identifiers of worldwide airlines, emergency notification information, lost-and-found offices, etc.

    Price: $15.00
  • The Official Guide of the Airways - 1948

    SKU: 18-AIR-00011

    The World's Oldest Existing Airline Travel Guide (founded 1929).  The Official Aviation Guide Co., Chicago, March 1948.  Vol 19, No. 12, 160pp, illus, 8x11", card covers, wrps, good.  Maps, schedules, fares.  Mostly US but covers Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 

    Price: $20.00
  • The Official Guide of the Airways - 1943

    SKU: 18-AIR-00010

    Air Travel, Passenger Service, Air mail, Air Express, Air Freight...Timetables, fares, routes.  The Official Aviation Guide Co., Chicago, April 1943.  Vol 15, No.1, 156pp, illus, 2-page color foldout map inside front cover.  8xc11", wrps, card covers, good.

    Price: $20.00
  • The Official Aviation Guide [of the Airways]

    SKU: 18-AIR-00008

    Published monthly by John R. Fletcher starting in 1929 and later by the Official Aviation Guide Company in 1930.  All are 8x11", various pagination and in wrps with blue covers.  Shows routes, timetables and prices for airlines and freight haulers of the time.  As you might imagine, these were superceded each month and were likely to be thrown away.  (If ordering single issues, inquire and an invoice will be sent).
    a.  Vol 1, No. 1 (no date but early 1929).  22pp, illus with routes and logos, very good, 3-hole punched.  $75
    b.  Same but with some moisture wrinkling, no punch holes.  $45
    c.  Vol 2, No. 8, Nov 1930.  42pp, centerfold color route map of US routes, 3-hole punched, exc.  $65
    d.  Sep 1931, 48pp, page 1/2 missing, cover ink name, else good.   $25
    e.  Nov 1931, 48pp, page 1/2 missing, cover red pencil name, else good.  $25
    f.  Vol 6, No. 3; June 1934, 52pp, very good.  $45
    g.  Vol 9, No. 10, Jan 1938, 128 pp, good.  $35
    h.  Vol 9, No. 11, Feb 1938, 128pp, good.  $35
    i.  Vol 10, No. 5, Aug 1938, 132pp, good, Eastern Airlines stamp on front cover.  $35
    j.  Vol 11, No. 1, Apr 1939, 130pp, cvr loose, fair.  $20
    Price below is for the lot of 10. 

    Price: $275.00
  • R.E.G. Davies - PAN AM

    SKU: 18-AIR-00007

    Davies, R.E.G.  PAN AM, An Airline and Its Aircraft.  New Yor, Orion Books, 1987.  90pp, illus, dj, 11x9", excellent.  INSCRIBED by the author.  Wonderful illustrations of PAA aircraft from 1927.  A beautifully produced book and a great reference.

    Price: $45.00
  • The Newcomen Society in North America Booklets

    SKU: 18-AIR-00005

    The American Newcomen Society has a special interest in transportation history.  These finely printed 6x9" booklets in wraps celebrate invited addresses by prominent American industrialists and leaders in civil aviation.  Most are very good; a few have very light library surplus stamps.  (Please order individual items through inquiry; online orders will not work.  I will send invoice following your indication of interest.  However, the entire lot may be ordered from this site)
    a.  Douglas, Donald W.  Wings for the World, the DC Family in Global Service.  1955, 24pp.  $7
    b.  Gardner, George E.  First in New England Skies, 20th Anniversary Northeast Airlines.  1953, 24pp.  $25
    c.  Maytag, L.B. Jr.  Palmetto-Hopper, The History of National Airlines, Inc.  1963, 28pp.  $15
    d.  Shea, Andrew B.  Panagra, Linking the Americas during 25 Years.  1954, 24pp.  $15
    e.  Mueller, Arthur E.A.  Air Service for Main Street, U.S.A. (North Central Airlines)  1961, 24pp.  $25
    f.  Beard, Chas. E.  Thos E. Braniff (1883-1954), Southwest Pioneer in Air Transport.  1955, 32pp.  $20
    g.  Damon, Ralph S.  TWA, Nearly Three Decades in the Air.  1952, 32pp.  $20
    h.  Peach, Robert E.  Four-Seaters to Fan Jets, The Story of Mohawk Airlines, Inc.  1964, 32pp.  $30
    i.  Six, Robert F.  Continental Airlines, A Story of Growth.  1959, 24pp.  $35
    j.  Hall, Floyd D.  Sunrise at Eastern, Re-Birth of a Pioneer Airline.  1965, 32pp.  $25
    k.  Patterson, William A.  25 Years Among the Stars, United Airlines 1926-1951.  1951, 24pp.  $10
    The price shown below is for the entire lot, including two duplicates.

    Price: $200.00
  • Pan American's Pacific Pioneers

    SKU: 18-AIR-00004

    Krupnick, Jon E.  Pan American's Pacific Pioneers - A Pictorial History of Pan Am's Pacific First Flights 1935-1945.  Missoula, MT, Pictorial Histories Publ Co., 1997.  315pp, color illus to include PanAm collectibles.  Large 9x12" format, pictorial covers, as new.  A very useful reference on the PanAm Clippers and a beautiful book.

    Price: $45.00
  • Simmons Airlines Counter Card

    SKU: 18-AIR-00002

    Simmons Airlines cardboard sign for the counter of the travel agent or at the airport.  Advertises the Short 360.  Circa late 1970-early 1980s.  Very good, one small corner fold.  8.5x11", cardboard foldout prop at the back.

    Price: $15.00