• Stereo Card, Keystone T115 - Early Airline Flight in Ford Trimotor

    SKU: 19-P-29

     Text under photo reads: "Ford Trimotor Cabin Plane Leaving Chicago with Passengers and Mail for Minneapolis, Minn."  Lengthy explanation on the reverse explains Ford Trimotor characteristics and the background of the early passenger and mail routes by air.  Excellent condition.

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  • Stereo Card, Keystone T96 - Early Airline Flight in Ford Trimotor 1929

    SKU: 19-P-28

     Title under right photo:  " 'All Aboard!' Giant Plane  at Columbus Oh., on First Air-Mail Trip, New York to Los  Angeles, July 8, 1929."  Text on reverse gives details of the flight to include stops and flight distance.  Very good, one small corner crease.

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  • Pan American Banner

    SKU: 18-AIR-00050

    Large 18 x 64" synthetic fabric banner with grommets top and bottom for stretching and hanging.  Likely for display above airline counters or travel agencies.  As new; circa 1970-1980's.

    Price: $45.00
  • Texaco Airline Route Map, Central and South America - 1966

    SKU: 18-AIR-00049

    Colorful large route map, 31.5 x 38".  Centered is Mexico and South American major routes, inserts show Brazil, Paraguay, Central America details, Columbia and the Caribbean to include Cuba and Haiti/Dominican Republic.  Very good, light toning at folds.

    Price: $25.00
  • United Airlines Map - ca. 1935-40

    SKU: 18-AIR-00046

    B&W map of cross-country airline routes, 27 x 13.5", folded.  Not visably UA but their route from east-to-west is boldly highlighted with other airlines shown secondarily.  Very good; some brown toning at folds.  Likely this is an early depiction of the first cross-country commercial air routes.

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  • U.S. Domestic Air Mail Map - 1962

    SKU: 18-AIR-00045

    Very large 35 x 57" color map, folded.  Printed by the U.S. Post Office Department and dated August 1, 1962.  Very similar to the 11x17" earlier map below (18-AIR-00044) in that the routes are shown in red and numbered.  Very good condition; some toning at the folds.  Hard to believe this map is now over 50 years old!

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  • U.S. Air Mail Map - 1945

    SKU: 18-AIR-00044

    Colorful 11x17" map of the U.S. from the U.S. Post Office Dept.  Depicts the airmail routes in red, each with a route number.  Fine print in lower margin shows GPO and 1945 date.  A few small margin tears but none into the image.  Would make a nice center-piece for an airmail postal exhibit.

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  • French World Air Postal Map

    SKU: 18-AIR-00043

    Circa 1950-60's map on thin newsprint-like manila paper.  31 x 10.5", folded.  Scale 1:56,000,000; no date printed.  Generally good, some light toning at folds, one easily-repaired small fold tear.

    Price: $15.00
  • Air Transportation - 17 issues, Small Format, 1943-45

    SKU: 18-MAG-00015

    Complete run for 1945 (12 issues), four issues for 1944 and one for 1943.  Also two indices, one for 1945 and another for all information from the beginning of publication.  Each issue is 6x9", average of about 70pp, illus.  Good condition.

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  • Air Transport - 38 Issues, 1943-1948

    SKU: 18-MAG-00013

    Included are issues from 1943 (2), 1944 (12, complete), 1945 (10), 1946 (7), 1948 (1).  Large 8x11" format, each issue about 120pp, color covers, good condition. 

    Price: $120.00