• Western Air Express Runs Into Barbed Wire Fence - 1929

    SKU: 22-P-169

     Vintage original press photo, 9x7", sepia tone.  Press release identifies (L to R by name) the three crew members and two passengers on board Western Air Express No.113, forced down in bad weather and encountering a barbed wire fence which damaged the tail.  But alls-well as seen by everyone smiling!  Excellent; on heavy photo paper.

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  • Mabel Embarks! - 1929

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     Vintage photo, 8x10", b&w (sepia tone).  No press release but carries a rubber stamp of the N.E.A. dated June 20, 1929.  In pencil is the name of the women starting an adventure:  Mabel Hildebrandt.  It appears as though she is boarding a Universal Airlines aircraft.  The date would be correct because Universal existed for just about a year in 1928-29.  It eventually merged over and over until it became American, I believe.  Excellent condition.

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  • Croydon, England Airport Dedicated - 1928

    SKU: 22-P-162

     Vintage original press photo, 10x8", b&w, shows a man signaling from the control tower to a towed aircraft.  Press release on the reverse mentions the dedication of the "Greatest airport in the world" at a cost of $1M.  Release is dated 5/19/28.  Excellent. 

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  • Lufthansa Junkers "Kohl" Put in Service - 1928

    SKU: 22-P-161

     Vintage original press photo, 10x8", b&w.  Press release on reverse speaks to the new Junkers 20-passenger plane being put in servvice from Berlin to Amsterdam.  Very good; one chip in lower right margin.

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  • Junkers 2000 Massive Landing Gear - 1930

    SKU: 22-P-153

     Vintage original press photo, 8x6", b&w.  Press release pasted to reverse titled:  "World's Largest Commercial Plane Lands at Le Bourget Field, France".  Text speaks to the pilot, Captain Zimmerman, the passengers actually sitting in the inside of the wing and the capacity of 40 passengers.  Wheels are described as having a diameter of over 5 feet!  Excellent.

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  • Pan Am's Planes - 1967

    SKU: 22-B-32

     Davies, R.E.G.  PAN AM's PLANES.  Reprint from AirPictorial Issues of Aep/Oct/Nov 1967.  16pp, 8.5x11", photo illus, wrps, back page table of aircraft specifications.  Compact and useful reference from 1927 - 1967.  Very good

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  • Pan-American Airways Sikorsky - 1928

    SKU: 22-P-149

     Original vintage press photo, 10x8", b&w.  Pilot Lt. Arthur Gavin (L.) and mechanic Ernest Woods pictured in front of the Sikorsky Amphibian flown from Washington D.C. to Havana and planned for use by Pan-American Airways to carry passengers and mail throughout Central America.  Press release pasted to reverse.  Very good. 

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  • Western Air Express Pilot - 1929

    SKU: 22-P-137

     Vintage photo, 7x10", b&w of George Rice in front of his Fokker F-10. Typed text on reverse says Rice is the Western Air Express pilot on the Los Angeles to Albuquerque route in 1929.  Very good.

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  • American Airlines "Sleepers" in Flagship - 1936

    SKU: 22-P-131

     Vintage original press photo, 7x9", b&w.  Acme press release on reverse tells of these "motion picture beauties" trying out the berths in the gigantic (for the period) Super Douglas Transport.  Date is 5/1/1936; very good.  {Two available, one in gray-tone and one in sepia-tone}  Price for each; your choice:

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  • Geneva Color Postcard - circa 1930

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     Early transport sporting Swiss registration over Geneva. Excellent, unused.

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