Aircraft Parts

  • Cold War U.S. Air Force "Attack" Interceptor Computer/Manual - 1965

    SKU: 22-PILOT-3

     Complete circular computer, manual and original envelope.  Technical manual is T.O. 5N5-14-14-1, Type CPU-73/P, Air Navigation Attack Computer, 1 December 1965.  Manual is 36pp, illus, 8x8", stapled.  This computer was designed for Weapons Directors to assist air-to-air interceptor pilots in determining intercept parameters to shoot down enemy aircraft.  Computer is very large, 8" diameter and has a reverse side for drift calculations. Computer and manual are in very good/unused condition.  The envelope is split at top and bottom folds.  A seldom-seen Cold War artifact.

    Price: $35.00
  • WWII-era Switlik Seat Pack Parachute - 1942

    SKU: 22-PILOT-2

     Complete and packed, webbing, attachments and D-ring intact.  Civilian packing log inplace and dated 1950.  I would not want to fly with this baby since it feels hard as a rock!  While this has no military markings, it is not unreasonable that this chute is appropriate for the civilian flight schools under contract to the military in WWII.  I recall flying with something like this in T-28s circa 1965.  Some staining on outer cover; not inspected inside.  About fair condition. 

    Price: $165.00
  • LeRhone/Gnome 7 cyl Engine Barometer - circa 1937

    SKU: 21-PRTS-30

     Wonderful cast metal painted barometer.  Diameter 12", 2.5" deep.  Likely a sales promotional item yet pretty expensive if a giveaway; more likely meant for dealer display.  Cast into the top banners are "Gnome" and "Rhone" and a bottom tab has a "K".  Original green, black and silver paint with some chipping.  Barometer may still be functional; glass face intact.  Wonderful "Golden Age" aero relic; unseen by me in over 50 years of collecting.  Fellow collector identified this as originally having a large prop at the center and later retrofitted with a barometer or clock.  (Automatic ordering not available for this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent.) 

    Price: $425.00
  • Junkers JU-52 Cruver WWII ID Model - 1942

    SKU: 21-PRTS-29

     Large model with 16" wingspan, length 10.5".  Embossed underneath fuselage is "Junkers 52/42/Cruver Hallmark".  Remarkably the flaperons and landing gear are all intact.  Very good-excellent condition.  Increasingly very difficult to find. 

    Price: $200.00
  • Junkers JU-90 WWII Cruver Model - 1942

    SKU: 21-PRTS-28

     Very large black plastic model with 19" wingspan and 15" length.  Text underneath fuselage reads: "German Junkers 90/Cruver Hallmark/9-42".  This is one of the largest models I have encountered and it is in excellent condition.  The fragile ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudders are all intact.  Very good-excellent condition.

    Price: $215.00
  • PBY Cruver WWII ID Model - 1943

    SKU: 21-PRTS-27

     Large Cruver model with 17" wingspan and length of 11".  Underneath wing molded text: "U.S.N. PBY-5" and "Cruver Hallmark/5-43These large models are seldom offered and this one is in very good condition.  (Automatic ordering not available for this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)

    Price: $225.00
  • Wright Whirlwind Engine Parts Catalog - from WACO Factory - 1936

    SKU: 21-CAT-194

     Original vintage parts catalog, ink annotation to front cover indicating it is the Property of the Waco Service Dept.  Paterson, N.J., Wright Aeronautical Corp, 1936.  162pp, illus, 8.5x11", color card covers with coverage for 8 engine models.  Very good; usual cover toning.  ON HOLD

    Price: $165.00
  • Northrup "Flying Wing" Model

    SKU: 21-PRTS-26

     Large professionally made wooden model, 20" wingspan, 11" LOA.  NX-2831 on bottom of left wing.  Excellent.  Pacific Aircraft, Scottsdale, AZ label on bottom of stand.  

    Price: $165.00
  • T-28B North American "Trojan" Model

    SKU: 21-PRTS-25

     Large wooden model, 18" wingspan, 14" LOA.  Label on base of stand from Pacific Aircraft, Scottsdale, AZ.  Professionally handcrafted in the Philippines. As new.  My price is about 50% of retail.  A beautiful model!

    Price: $90.00
  • WWI Royal Flying Corp Flechette - longer square style

    SKU: 21-PRTS-21

      Steel, 6.0" long, blue-black finish, square profile with machined flutes.  Dropped from canisters held outside cockpits to penetrate helmets, kill horses, etc. before the advent of synchronized machine guns firing through propellers.  Very good. SOLD

    Price: $0.00