Aircraft/Engine Paper

  • Lubrication Magazine Special Issue on Aviation Fuels - Texaco 1940

    SKU: 18-MAG-00008

    The Texaco Company.  LUBRICATION, A Technical Publication Devoted to the Selection and Use of Lubricants.  Texaco, Vol 26, No 9, Sep 1940.  20pp, illus, 7x10", 3-hole punched, enter folded, light stains from use.

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  • JN-4B Handbook - 1917

    SKU: 18-PRTS-00009

    Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation.  The Curtiss Standard JN-4B Military Tractor Handbook.  Buffalo, NY, 1917.  32pp, illus plus two large foldouts (front and side view of entire aircraft).  A companion to the V-2 motor handbook (18-PILOT-00008) and in the same wonderful condition (one foldout loose with some edge folds).  This is the classic U.S. Air Service Trainer in WWI, of course. 

    Price: $165.00
  • Aviator Wires and Cables - NACA First Annual Report 1915

    SKU: 17-CAT-00005

    Joh A. Roebling's Sons.  Aviator Wires and Cables.  Trenton NJ, Roebling's Sons, 1916.  Extract brochure from the First Annual Report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.  6x9", 38pp, illus with photos of cables and fixtures, wrps.  Technical data of aircraft cables from the famous company that built the Brooklyn Bridge.  Generally good except paper cover loose and one corner chip.

    Price: $85.00
  • System Schweers Swing Wing - 1914

    SKU: 17-CAT-00006

    Prospectus and technical report on an early German swing wing design.  Privately printed from type, looks like mimeo.  50pp text and technical calculations followed by 43 line drawing illustrations.  Wrps, 8.5 x 13".  A lttle difficult for me to decipher with my limited German and the unusual engineering drawings but it appears to be a swing or rotatiing bi-wing that is connected to a pivoting landing gear.  Some cover chips but otherwise good.

    Price: $135.00
  • 7 Early Aeronca 3-View Blueprints - 1929 to 1932

    SKU: 17-CAT-00005

    Seven blueprints, 3-views, large (about 24x48"), folded.  May be old copies of some tattered blueprints.  Gray images on beige paper.  These would make a wonderful wall-sized mural.  The seven prints are:  C-2(two, both 1929), C-2 (1930), C-2N (1930), C-2D "Cotton Duster" (1932), C-1 (1931), C-3 (1930).  Sorry but I can't split the lot; the group is priced very reasonably.

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  • WWI BE2 Full-Size Model Plan

    SKU: 16-CAT-00001

    Gigantic 40x60" full-size model plan for a WWI BE2, blueprint format, British origin.  Folded to a 9x11" size, some corner chipping, paper slightly brittle.  Needs to be flattened and linen mounted.  No date but I'm guessing about 1935.  Picture is of logo in upper left corner.  Striking imager and would make a wonderful wall decoration.  Moderate price; not often found.

    Price: $35.00
  • 1929 Curtiss & Associated Companies Brochure

    SKU: 15-CAT-00006

    Large 59pp 8 1/2x11" soft cover booklet.  Rather like an annual report but also has full page descriptions/illus of products, assets and a long list of corporate officers and key personnel of the Clement M. Keys Group of companies.  Nice image of Curtiss Condor on cover.  Aircraft pictured inside include Condor, Hawk, Falcon, Super Robin, Sikorsky Amphibian, Reid Rambler, Caproni, Fledgling, etc.  Very good condition.

    Price: $80.00