Air Race

  • 1922 Detroit National Airplane Races Score Card - Unused

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     An unused supplement to the 1922 Detroit Program.  Folded size is 6.5x10".  Unfolded left cover has Map of Courses.  Interior pages all list pilots, aircraft type,race number, motor, H.P., spark plugs, ignition, and carburetor; blank spaces follow for entering order at the end of each lap.  Each race has a separate page: Curtiss Marine Flying Trophy (Sat, Oct 7); Detroit News Aerial Mail Trophy (Thur, Oct 12); Aviation Country Club of Detroit Trophy (Thur, Oct 12); Liberty Engine Builders' Trophy (Fri, Oct 13) and the Pulitzer Trophy (Sat Oct 14 on two pages with 25 entrants).  Important addition for the 1922 program in your collection.  As new condition.

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  • 1937 Mimeo Regulations & Schedule - St. Louis Air Races

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     Regulations for International Aerobatics Competition held in conjunction with the St. Louis Air Races.  This 15pp, 8.5x11", stapled document has the cover description, then 3 pp of rules followed by 8pp of figures showing aerobatic routines, lastly there are three pages listing difficulty numbers for each routine.  Included is a second stapled mimeo of 9pp with "Tentative Day-By-Day Schedule of Events" which, like the 1937 and 1939 Cleveland rules shows just one event "Feminine Record Trial, For-Women-Only".  All very good condition.

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  • 1937 Typed Schedule and Rules - Cleveland National Air Races

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     Lengthy 33pp 8.5x11" typed Schedule of Events and Prizes for the 1937 National Air Races.  The first 18pp are general rules (see 1939 categories below) but there is a typed change to the purse on the front cover and pencil annotations reducing qualifying speeds.  Pages 19-33 show rules for the individual named races (such as Bendix and Thompson) and there are typed-in changes to the purse distribution and qualifying speeds.  Interestingly, of the 12 race events, 11 were For Men Only with just the A.T.C. Race for Women. Included is an 8-page mimeo "Daily Program of Events - Operating Schedule (not for publication)"  Again, this is a thowaway item and thus very seldom seen.  The 33pp document might well be an early draft copy because it is typed with corrections made in pencil and over-typing.  As with the 1939 mimeo copy below, this is information not found in the programs for this year.  Rare because of throw-away/fragile nature of this item.  

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  • 1939 Cleveland National Air Races Pre-Race Mimeo

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     Mimeographed  (typed) 8.5x11" stapled packet for contestants and promoters.  16pp, extensively lists rule changes, general rules, pilot eligibility, entries and fees, rejection and exclusion of entrants, markings on airplanes, protests, disqualifications, expenses of pilots and mechanics, rules of the races, finish of the race, pylon turns, winner of the race (10pp).  This is followed by 6pp of rules and purses for the Parachute Contest, Henderson Merit Award, Bendix Race, Ludlum Steel Race, Greve Trophy Race and finally the famous Thompson Trophy Race.  This is information not found in the colorful programs for the year and these are quite rare since they were disposable and flimsy. 

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  • Bleriot Embossed Cigar Box Labels

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    Beautiful set of four gold embossed cigar box labels celebrating the 1909 first flight of Bleriot across the English Channel.  Largest is 26x16 cm, then 26x13, 10x13 with the smallest at 9x5 cm.  All are unused, new condition.  The lithography and colors are outstanding.  Would make a wonderful display matted and framed.

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  • Hubbell Thompson Products Print - Roscoe Turner Winning 1938 Race

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     Original Hubbell print by Thompson Products of Roscoe Turner winning the Thompson Trophy race on September 5, 1938.  15"w x 13"h, printed on heavy linen stock, very good condition, no flaws.

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  • Hubbell Thompson Products Print - Roscoe Turner Winning 1939

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     Original Hubbell print, 15"w x 13" h of Roscoe Turner crossing a pylon to win the 1939 Thompson Trophy race in the "Laird Special".  Very good contion; no flaws, circa 1940s.  Titled "Pylon Polisher"; Thompson Trophy image at the bottom center of print, surrounded by a collage of Thompson engine and accessory parts.

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  • Frances Marsalis Death Poster

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     New York News poster advertising a headline story on the death and funeral of famous female pilot Frances Marsalis.  Marsalis was killed August 5, 1934 while rounding a pylon during a race at the National Women's Air Meet, Dayton, Ohio.  She was well-known as a fearless competitor in the air as a pilot and wingwalker who the previous year set a women's refueling endurance record with Helen Ritchey and then another with Louise Thaden.  The poster is 12x16.5", printed on heavy card stock and is in excellent condition.

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  • 1938 Bendix Trophy Race Official Program

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     Large 9x12" program with three-color cover, 32pp, illus.  Very good; slight spine bumps.  Contents include Bendix results since 1931, a tribute to the Union Air Terminal in Los Angeles where race begins, articles about United Airlines, Lockheed, TWA, Western Air Express, etc.  Of particular interest are half-page biographies of the race participants and their aircraft.  The Bendix is a most interesting race in that it is a "free-for-all" with few restrictions on aircraft, flight path, altitude, fuel, etc.; beginning in LA and ending in Cleveland during the National Air Races.  The Bendix programs are seldom found, likely because there really was not much to see except the start and it was not nearly as exciting as the Cleveland races.  Of course, this program is noteworthy because the race was won by the famous aviatrix Jackie Cochran.  SOLD

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  • Thompson Trophy Race Winner - 1946

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     Delightful 7x9" photo of Thompson Trophy winner, Tex Johnson, taking (text says "receiving"...ha!) congratulatory kiss.  Johnson flew his P-39 at 373.9 mph, setting a new record and besting Roscoe Turner's record from 1938 of 283 mph.  Cleveland Bureau press release on reverse is dated 9-2-46; typical press stamps and text on back.  Excellent condition.  (Automatic shipping charge will be partially refunded on purchase)

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