Air Race

  • Large Color Photo of Shortest Airport Air Show Act - circa 1970s

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     Very large 14x11" color photo of this famous act where the Piper Cub landed on the top of this (now vintage) Pontiac.  Excellent.

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  • Air Show Biplane Photo

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     Unknown performer circa 1970s-80s, 8x10", b&w, appears to have some cropping marks in preparation for use in a publication.  Excellent.

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  • Italian Pilot "Zotti" at 1932 Cleveland Air Races

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     Original 9x7" b&w press photo.  Lt. Andrea Zotti flew "Novelty" demonstrations in each of the 10 days of the National Air Races.  This press release talks about his "death defying stunts" that "stole the show".  Press release is pasted to the reverse and dated 8-31-32.  Very good.

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  • Speed Record Broken - 1928

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     Original 6x8" b&w press photo.  Belgian aviator "Bouthier" is shown by his "Aviette" aircraft after setting a world speed record of 185 kilometers/hr.  This must have been quite a feat in this 60 hp microplane!  Press release and press rubber stamps on the reverse. Very good.

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  • 1936 National Air Race Flown Cover - Signed

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     Typed text on the front-center: "Flown in 1936 Ruth Chatterton Cleveland, Ohio - Los Angeles, Cal. National Air Races Trophy Race."  Signed below by the pilot and the Cleveland Chairman.  Postmarked twice in Los Angeles Sep 8, 1936.  I can't decipher the pilot's signature nor identify his performance in the race.  Ruth Chatterton was a movie actress of some importance and a pilot; she sponsored the race carrying her name in 1935 and 1936.  Unlike most of the other events, this was a long-distance precision flying race, not just speed.  It's likely that very few flown items exist from this race.  (This exact cover sold for $294, including premium, in a 2007 Heritage auction)

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  • 1931 National Air Races Cover - Pilot Signed

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     Colorful large envelope postmarked "Air Mail Field, Cleveland, Ohio, Sep 1, 1931".  Envelope bears the printed return  address of the National Air Races, the official race "winged pilot" and a large rubber stamp for Lorain Ohio.  The address side of the envelope has a full color racing image of two aircraft rounding a pylon (and no room for an address!).  Best of all is the signature of ROYCE STETSON #91 as seen on the image to the left.  Envelope has some toning and bumping on the right edge, about good overall.  A stiff card insert has kept the envelope intact.  A very colorful souvenir of this Golden Age race.  (This item sold 8 years ago for $60) SOLD

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  • Paulhan Advertising Card - 1910

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     Large 10x7" Bon Marche advertising card featuring famous aviator Louis Paulhan.  Large photo of Paulhan in his Farman on the front along with an oval portrait. The reverse has advertising at the top and then a bio sketch of paulhan's aero accomplishments.  Paulhan won considerable prizes in the US and Europe in the early aero meets.  Card has light soiling and an old repaired tear at the bottom.  About fair condition.

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  • 1938 Cleveland National Air Race Sticker

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     Small 2.25 x 2.5" unused, original gum. (excess postage charge will be refunded)

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  • 1928 Balloon Race Pilot Press Photo

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     Official Acme News 5x7" black & white press photo dated May 23, 1928.  Blue press release pasted to reverse with text: "TO FLY ARMY INTERNATIONAL AIR RACE, Lieutenant Henry G. Fisher, now stationed at Scott Field....will accompany Capt. Edmund W. Hill in one of the Army Air Corps balloons in the National Elimination Balloon Race to be held at Bettis Field, Pa., May 30."  Usual news service rubber stamps on reverse.  Excellent condition.

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  • 1955 Powder Puff Derby Program - Contestant's Personal Copy

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     Historically important program for the 9th Annual All Woman Transcontinental Air Race from Long Beach to Springfield, Mass.  24pp, illus, 8.5x11", wrps.  Personal copy of Minnie Boyd, contestant #23.  Minnie and her co-pilot, Betty Jane Seavey have signed in ink over their photos.  Five other pilots have signed by their photos.  Condition is fair with light soiling, a cover fold, Minnie's name on cover, etc.; all excuseable because I bet this was flown on the race.  Obviously this is a one-of-a-kind document of a woman's air race now over 60 years in the past.
    The first Woman's Air Derby (later coined the “Power Puff Derby” by Will Rogers) was held on Aug 18, 1929; it was closely associated with the 99's whose first president was Amelia Earhart. Following various race activities with women contestants through the 1930s, the Powder Puff Derby was revived after WWII in 1947. That year there were only two contestants. The race was re-named the All-Woman Transcontinental Air Race (AWTAR) which continued for 30 years. The race was discontinued after 1977 due to rising costs, decreased sponsorship and air traffic concerns. Subsequent races were named “Air Race Classics” and today the 99s sponsor a smaller race over a 4-day period which concentrates on efficient cross-country flying.

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