Air Race

  • Art Chester Wins Greve Trophy - 1939

    SKU: 22-P-150

     Vintage original press photo, 9x7", b&w.  This wonderful image shows (l. to r.) Art Chester, Mrs. Chester and L.W. Greve after Art won the Greve Race with a speed of 263.39 mph and earned $8,000.  Excellent.

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  • London-Melbourne Race Weigh-In - 1934

    SKU: 22-P-148

     Vintage original press photo, 8x10", b&w.  Press release pasted to reverse deals with the weigh-in of C.G. Davies Fairey III racer at Mildenhall Aerodrome.  Very good; chips in upper corner margins.

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  • Los Angeles National Air Race - 1933

    SKU: 22-P-145

     Vintage original press photo, 6.5x8.5", b&w.  Iconic portrait of parachute jumper "Spud" Manning (R.) and pilot Clarence Brown (L.).  Press release dated 6/29/1933 pasted on reverse speaks to Spud's jumps at the 1933 races from 10,000 ft, opening his chute at 100 ft! Very good; one corner crease. 

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  • Doherty Air Race Winner - 1933

    SKU: 22-P-135

     Vintage original press photo, 6x8", b&w.  Shows a handsome J. Heron Crossman, winner of $1000 in the handicap race from Daytona Beach to Miami, 1/7/1933.  Very good.

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  • Alluring Women's Air Race Trophy Model - 1929

    SKU: 22-P-134

     Vintage original press photo, 10x8". b&w.  Subject is Miss LoRita M. Bollinger, model for the Aerol Trophy, Women's National Air Derby, 1929.  Pilot of the aircraft is E.W. "Pop" Cleveland who will fly from Cleveland to Providence to pickup the Aerol Trophy from the Gorham Company.  Very good; press cropping lines as shown.

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  • Pioneer Aerial Mail Card (AAMC3a) - 1911

    SKU: 22-P-125

     Fancy pictorial card, 5.5x3.25", both sides pictured.  Flown and postmarked on Sep 27, 1911 during the famous International Aviation Meet in Garden City, New York.  Most mail is pretty plain but this card is very graphic and pictorial with a photo of the Moisant Monoplane.  About fair condition with edge bumps, and light folds (what to expect after 108 years of kicking around!)  Rare card of one of the very earliest airmail flights. (Automatic ordering not available.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)

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  • Rare Loening R-4 Racer Photo Lot - circa 1922

    SKU: 22-AR-5

     Six glossy 8x10" photos of the ill-fated Loening R-4 designed for the Pulitzer Race in 1922.  The aircraft was tested by the Army Air Service and plagued with flutter leading to structural cracks.  Three of the photos are ground-based and three are of the aircraft in the air, likely during the Army test flights.  One of the ground photos shows the engine running and a group of pilots/mechanics standing by. {Only the three ground photos are pictured here}.  All of the photos carry the Wright Field broad arrow rubber stamp on the reverse.  Generally good condition but several suffer from problems in the negative.  Negative numbers are 15710/11/12(in the air) and 15714/15/16 (ground).  A unique photo group of significance in the world of air races.

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  • John H. Livingston Photo - circa 1929

    SKU: 22-AR-4

     Famous air racing pilot in his Waco Sport NX7527, winner of the 1928 Class B Transcontinental Race in the Cleveland National Air Races.  Sharp 8x10" b&w while he was President of Mid-West Airways Corp.  Excellent.  Livingston was a fearless race pilot who earned an incredible amount of money during the great depression.

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  • 1911 Chicago Air Meet Program

    SKU: 22-AR-3

     A rather rough copy of an extremely rare program.  9x12", 80pp, illus, wrps.  Contents include committee lists, daily schedule of events, prizes, details of events and rules; list,biographies and photos of aviators; advertising, etc.  About poor-fair condition with (loose) cover with edge tears and stains, beginning and ending pages have edge tears and some stains but most pages are very good.  It must be remembered that this program is now 118 years old so some condition issues are to be expected.  A better copy is shown later in this category but at a price 60% higher.   

    Price: $250.00
  • 1933 Chicago American Air Races Program

    SKU: 22-AR-2

     Original vintage program, 8.5x11.5", colorful cover, illus, wrps, 32pp.  Sponsored by the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Air Race Corp.  Typical contents with organizing committee, schedule of events for July 1-4, centerfold map of U. S. airline routes, ads, etc.  About good, vertical fold as though placed in a pocket or for carrying but little effect on cover or contents. Ink owners name and check marks on schedule for July 4, 1933.  This is a program not often offered.

    Price: $75.00