Air Race

  • Admiral Byrd's "America" - 1929

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     Vintage original press photo, 8.5x6.5", b&w.  Press release on reverse speaks to a three-corner race New York to Paris by Lindbergh, Byrd and Chamberlain. Title of the short article is "Triangular Airplane Race to Paris Looms on Horizon".  Excellent.

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  • Bitish Attempt Non-Stop to India - 1927

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     Vintage original press photo, 6.5x8.5, b&w.  Press release pasted to reverse speaks to non-stop attempt to fly from Wiltshire, England to India by Bert Hinkler (L) and Captain R.H. McIntosh (R).  Hinkler is holding the barograph used to record their record while flying a Fokker monoplane named Princess Xenia.  Excellent.

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  • Trans-Continental Air Race Entry -1928

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     Vintage original photo, 8.25x6.5", b&w.  Press release pasted to reverse has title:  "Ready to Take Off in Marathon Air Race".  Pictured are N.R. Mamer (L) and C.I. Paulson (R) in front of their Buhl Air Sedan ready for takeoff from Mitchell Field with destination Los Angeles.  Also noted is that Paulson had to de-plane due to excessive gross weight!  Excellent; right and left margins trimmed by press agency.

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  • Ray Moore National Air Race Entry - 1933

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     Vintage original press release, 9x7", b&w.  Press release pasted to reverse speaks to Ray Moore's race plane "San Francisco" that he will enter in the 1933 National Air Races in Los Angeles, July 1-4.  Excellent condition. 

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  • Stuart Auer Begins National Air Race Event - 1928

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     Vintage original press photo, 9x7", b&w.  Press release pasted to reverse talks about Auer in his Waco 10 taking off from Roosevelt Field, NY, headed for Los Angeles in the National Air Derby.  Excellent.

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  • Art Chester Wins Greve Trophy - 1939

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     Vintage original press photo, 9x7", b&w.  This wonderful image shows (l. to r.) Art Chester, Mrs. Chester and L.W. Greve after Art won the Greve Race with a speed of 263.39 mph and earned $8,000.  Excellent. (Shopping cart not active for this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)

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  • London-Melbourne Race Weigh-In - 1934

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     Vintage original press photo, 8x10", b&w.  Press release pasted to reverse deals with the weigh-in of C.G. Davies Fairey III racer at Mildenhall Aerodrome.  Very good; chips in upper corner margins.

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  • Los Angeles National Air Race - 1933

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     Vintage original press photo, 6.5x8.5", b&w.  Iconic portrait of parachute jumper "Spud" Manning (R.) and pilot Clarence Brown (L.).  Press release dated 6/29/1933 pasted on reverse speaks to Spud's jumps at the 1933 races from 10,000 ft, opening his chute at 100 ft! Very good; one corner crease. 

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  • Doherty Air Race Winner - 1933

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     Vintage original press photo, 6x8", b&w.  Shows a handsome J. Heron Crossman, winner of $1000 in the handicap race from Daytona Beach to Miami, 1/7/1933.  Very good.

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  • Alluring Women's Air Race Trophy Model - 1929

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     Vintage original press photo, 10x8". b&w.  Subject is Miss LoRita M. Bollinger, model for the Aerol Trophy, Women's National Air Derby, 1929.  Pilot of the aircraft is E.W. "Pop" Cleveland who will fly from Cleveland to Providence to pickup the Aerol Trophy from the Gorham Company.  Very good; press cropping lines as shown.

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