WWI Royal Flying Corps Logbook with Combat - 1916

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 Original log with entries on 33 pages.  The cover is heavily soiled with an unintelligible pilot name (more later on this).  Log begins on 14 Jul 1916 with aerodrome practice with a student and is followed by solo flights thru July.  In early August there are instructional flights in the B.E. 2C/D and then later that month there is combat (bombing) in France (Arras, Greville, Souchey, Viles).  In September there are entries about bombing German airfields, and then using phosphorus bombs.  There is also a mention that month about attacking a balloon, then dropping 20 lb bombs near more balloons.  The log ends on 8 Nov 1916 with time in a Bristol Scout.  There are initials R.E.L. and 13 Sqdn in the log; this may be the owner of the log and in various locations the log is certified by W.S. Douglas, Capt, RFC, Cmdr 43 Sqdn.  While cover is soiled, entries are good although handwritting is a bit difficult to decipher.  A rare logbook in any case. SOLD

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