War in the Air - 9 volumes

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 Raleigh, Walter and H.A. Jones.  War in the Air, 9 volume set.  London, Oxford University Press, 1922-1937.  This is the definitive history of the Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force in World War I, the original first edition not the reprint.  Set includes two map cases with 42/28 maps, there are many other folding maps throughout the text.  The last volume is Appendices dated 1937.  Vol VI is ex-libris RAF library (about fair with numerous RAF library stamps).  Vols II, Vol III maps and Vol V carry RAF Staff College Library bookplates.  The set averages good condition.  For a very similar set in my library, I paid $1000 many years ago.  On-line prices are in the $2000-3000 range.  This set is very reasonably priced. 

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