This section is dedicated to the Vietnam Air War and especially the Prisoners of War. This is a special collecting interest of mine because I was there and because many of my friends and colleagues were KIA, MIA or POW in air combat.

  • Prisoner of War - Original Endpaper Drawing

    SKU: 17-V-00030

    McGrath, LtCmdr John M.  Prisoner of War, Six Years in Hanoi.  Annapolis, US Naval Institute Press, 1975.   2nd printing, 114pp, illus with McGrath's drawings of his imprisonment in North Vietnam, 8.5 x 6", dj in mylar, very good.  Original full page signed and inscribed drawing by McGrath on front free end paper. 

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  • Five Years to Freedom - Rowe

    SKU: 17-V-00028

    Rowe, Major James N.  Five Years to Freedom.  Boston, Little Brown, 1971 (3rd printing).  467pp, illus, dj, 6 x 8.5".   About good, dj has several small tears, previous owners name on front free endpaper.  Captured in 1963 during a firefight in S. Vietnam, "Nick Rowe" spent five years in Viet Cong prison camps, finally escaping in 1968.  His subsequent rescue and resulting story captivated America at a time when hundreds of airmen were being shot down and taken prisoner in North Vietnam.  His was the first story to be told of the brutality of the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong.  Tragically, Nick Rowe was subsequently assasinated by guerillas in the Philippines in 1988.  This volume in the present large hardbound edition is not often found on bookshelves today.

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  • Seven Years in Hanoi - Chesley

    SKU: 17-V-00027

    Chesley, Capt. Larry.  Seven Years in Hanoi, A POW Tells His Story.  SLC, Utah, Bookcraft, 1973.  158pp, illus, about good in a fair, chipped dj in mylar.  6 x 9".  Inscribed and signed by author, front free endpaper.  Chesley was Sam Johnson's GIB in an F-4.  (Another available in fair condition, w/o dj but inscribed, $15)

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  • 2355 Days, A POW's Story - Nasmyth

    SKU: 17-V-00026

    Nasmyth, Spike.  2355 Days, a POW's story.  New York, Orion Books, 1991.  264pp, illus, dj, very good.  6 x 9".  Nasmyth was an F-4 pilot with the 8th TFW, Ubon RTAFB, Thailand when shot down in 1966.  This is a well-written candid  narrative with lots of action and dialogue.  A powerful and easy read.

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  • Captive Warriors - Johnson

    SKU: 17-V-00025

    Johnson, Sam and Jan Winebrenner.  Captive Warriors - A Vietnam POW's Story.  College Station, Texas A&M University Press, 1992.  303pp, illus, dj in mylar, excellent, 6 x 9".  Sam Johnson flew 62 combat missions in Korea and was solo pilot for the Thunderbirds in 1957.  He was shot down (with Larry Chesley) in 1966 and was a very early POW.

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  • Prisoner at War - Stratton

    SKU: 17-V-00024

    Blakey, Scott.  Prisoner at War - The Survival of Commander Richard A. Stratton.  Garden City, Anchor Press, 1978.  397pp, dj, fair-good.  6 x 9".  Stratton was a POW for 6 years and many of us remember the famous video of his bowing to his captors, his "confession" and the press coverage in North Vietnam.  Initially horrified, we were encouraged upon learning the entire story.  A great read.

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  • Solitary Survivor - Bailey

    SKU: 17-V-00023

    Bailey, Col. Lawrence R. Jr. (with Ron Martz).  Solitary Survivor, The First American POW in Southeast Asia.  Washington, Brassey's, 1995.  216pp, illus, dj, very good, 6 x 9".  Bailey was a B-29 pilot in WWII (15 missions over Japan), flew an O-1 Birddog in Korea and was shot down in a C-47 over Laos in 1961, spending 17 months as a POW. Signed and inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper.

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  • I would have gave my life...but I don't think my parents would like it. - Weddle

    SKU: 17-V-00022

    Weddle, Major Dennis R.  "I would have gave my life..."  Privately printed by the author, 1973.  About 25pp of photos of Operation Homecoming in February 1973 followed by around 100 pp of drawings and letters from school children welcoming the POWs home from Vietnam.  Weddle was a Public Affairs Officer at Clark AB, Philippines and escorted the POWs home.  Three page forward by John Flynn, Senior Ranking Officer for the POWs.  A nice association piece.

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  • P.O.W. - Hubbell

    SKU: 17-V-00021

    Hubbell, John G.  P.O.W. - A Definitive History of the Prisoner-of-War Experience in Vietnam, 1964-1973.  New York, Reader's Digest Press, 1976.  632pp, dj, very good condition.  The first comprehensive history of the Vietnam POW experience, now a rather difficult-to-find volume.  Essential reference in the Vietnam library.  (Another ex-library, good, $35)

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  • Before Honor - Eugene B. McDaniel

    SKU: 17-V-00020

    McDaniel, Capt. Eugene B. (with James L. Johnson).  Before Honor - One Man's Spiritual Journey into the Darkness of a Communist Prison.  Philadelphia, Holman, 1975.  200pp, illus, dj in mylar, very good.  Inscribed and signed by McDaniel on front free endpaper.  A-6 pilot on USS Enterprise, shot down in 1967, awarded Navy Cross upon his release. (2)

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