This section is dedicated to the Vietnam Air War and especially the Prisoners of War. This is a special collecting interest of mine because I was there and because many of my friends and colleagues were KIA, MIA or POW in air combat.

  • Dutch Vietnam POW Press Photo - 1970

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     Original 7x5" b&w press photo of POW's playing chess.  Stamped press release on the reverse in Dutch dated 4 Nov 1970.  Likely a NVA propaganda piece.  Good; light edge nicks.

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  • Gunships

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     Davis, Larry.  GUNSHIPS - A Pictorial History of Spooky.  Squadron/Signal Publ, 1982.  64pp, heavily illus, wrps, 8.5x11".  Covers gunship models B-25, B-26, C-47, C-119, C-123 and C-130 gunships (plus other more minor players).  Excellent.  Fascinating history of these remarkable and deadly aircraft.  Personal note: I cleared the firing range for the AC-130's at Ubon RTAFB, 1968 and got to personally watch them wipe out jet engine cans.  Looked like a twinkling star at night as the guns fired!  SOLD

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  • Vietnam-Era SAC Ashtray

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     Circa early 1970's ashtray souvenir from Strategic Air Command at Andersen AFB, Guam.  This was the staging base for the magnificent B-52 bombing raids on North Vietnam.  Ashtray is ceramic with an overall size of 7" square and a depth of 1".  Excellent, glazing crackle as expected but not affecting the image.

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  • Korean War Ace James Kasler Autographed Photo - circa 1967

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     James H. Kasler was a true American hero.  He flew in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, was a 6-kill ace in Korea, earned 3-AF Crosses (only person so awarded) and was a Vietnam POW for 7 years.  This photo is 3.5x5", color, with a nice bold signature at the bottom.  Kasler is wearing only two AF Crosses so it is likely this photo is either 1967 before his capture or slightly after his repatriation in 1973 and before the third cross was awarded.  Excellent condition. SOLD

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  • FOX TWO - Signed by First Vietnam Ace

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     Cunningham, Randy "Duke" and Jeff Ethell.  Fox Two, The Story of America's first Ace in Vietnam.  Champlin Fighter Museum, Mesa AZ, 1984.  161pp, illus, wrps, 6x9".  Signed by Duke on title page above his image in the cockpit of an F-4. About VG, one spot of color loss above MIG on front cover (likely from price sticker removal).  Important memoir of one of the three Vietnam aces.  Later elected to Congress and then off to prison...surely a colorful character!

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  • Home with Honor - USAF POWs

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    Special yearbook-like volume dedicated to returning US Air Force Vietnam POWs.  Published by the 560th Flying Training Squadron, Randolph AFB, 1976 and sponsored by countless San Antonio business leaders.  120pp, leatherette covers, this volume has engraved brass gift plate to Gen R.E. Dougherty, commander of Strategic Air Command (SAC).  This is a very rare and unusual volume that commemorates the "last flight" of those USAF pilots shot down in North Vietnam and returned in 1973.  The Air Force did a classy thing by bringing the POWs to Randolph AFB to "complete their last flight during which they were shot down".  Each page has a large photo of each POW and his Freedom Call Sign with their instructor pilot at the end of their T-38 flight, complete with a bottle of champagne, of course.  A several page forward is a pictorial story of Operation Homecoming from the flight from Hanoi to freedom with families.  At the end of the volume is a section on the first reunion of the 4th Allied POW Wing which included a visit by President Reagan.  I have reason to believe these were printed in small numbers for the POWs, their T-38 pilots and a few important supporters.

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  • Signed Print - Russian Korean War Ace Yevgeny Pepelyayev

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    Large color print by well-known artist John Ficklen, signed by him and Russian Ace Yevgeny Pepelyayev.  Ficklin shows Pepelyayev's favorite MIG-15 number 325 in profile; Pepelyayev is credited with 19 victories over US pilots in Korea.  He was awarded the "Golden Star Hero of the Soviet Union"; their highest military honor.  Below Ficklen's signature the print is numbered "AP 21/50", assumed to be an artist's proof, print number 21 of a run of 50.  The image size is 18 x 14" which is archivally matted to 23 x 19".  A note with the print indicates it was sponsored by the USAF Air Command and Staff Foundation, Maxwell AFB, AL.  The USAF ACSC is well known for their sponsoring of the wonderful Gather of Eagles prints signed by famous aviators and astronauts.  This print is mint and encased in shrinkwrap.  A lovely signed print in a very small run.

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  • Original Vietnam POW News Photo - 1972

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     Large 11 x 14" press photo.  Press release information included in the photo (not on a separate paper) reads:
    "Hanoi June 29--MONITORED IN WARSAW-- This radiophoto from Hanoi was monitored in Warsaw Thursday with the following caption:  A press conference was held this evening by the press and information department of the DRVN foreign ministery to denounce the Nixon Administration's new escalation of bombing against North Vietnam.  Fourteen of the U.S. pilots captured in the past three months in various parts of North Vietnam were shown to Vietnamese and Foreign pressmen.  AP Wirephoto via cable from Warsaw)(lsk51650pw) 1972  EDS: No identification of pilots was provided."  Photo is mounted on light card stock with some flaws on the front and light water staining on the reverse.  Generally good condition.

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  • Robin Olds - Signed Photo

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    B & W 8x10" photo of WWII ace Robin Olds in his P-47.  Signed in ink upper right "Robin Olds/C.O. 434th FS/13 victories 44-45".  Nicely matted and framed with engraved plate at the bottom "ROBIN OLDS/WWII ACE".  Certificate of authenticity in poly sleeve on the reverse.

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  • Fooks - Prisoners of War [WWI]

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    Fooks, Herbert C.  Prisoners of War.  J.W. Stowell, Federalsburg, MD, 1924.  456pp, illus (some graphic), roster of POWs by state in the appendix.  SIGNED by author under his photo.  A scholarly work by a prominent lawyer and DSC winner in WWI.  Very good condition.  Quite rare, especially signed (only one other on book sites).  Very good with mylar slip cover.

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