• WWII Balloon Wing - Unusual Brass

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    Balloon Wing, ca. WWII.  3", brass, pinback, no hallmark. SOLD

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  • US Navy Shore Leave Jersey Pre-WWII

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    Customed tailored for the Far East assigned swabby.  Reverseable with a conventional-looking jersey on one side and a fancy inside for going to the clubs and bars on shore leave.  This one is very nicely tailored with fancy dragon cuffs.  Other collectors who have looked at this jersy think it is pre-WWII, likely made in China.  It may be possible to date and place the maker using the unique features of the dragon.  Rates are missing from the sleeves but are easily replaced.  Jersey is overall very good but there is some wear on the embroidered dragon cuffs.  Unusual and not oftern seen.

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  • General Gabriel, USAF Chief of Staff Windbreaker

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    Red nylon jacket, size medium, Gabriel's name embroidered on front over 380th Bombardment Wing (M) patch.   Reverse has a large silk screen emblem celebrating five wins of the SAC bombing competition.   Wing was stationed at Plattsburgh AFB, NY; jackets like this were typically given to distinguished visitors when they attended special events.  Jacket is new and probably never worn.    Gabriel graduated from USMA in 1950 and scored two Mig-15 kills in Korea; he also flew 152 missions in the RF-4 in Vietnam.  He was Chief-of-Staff 1982-86; he died in 2003.  Acquired from Gen Gabriel's estate. 

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