• Presentation Pilot Wings - ROC (Taiwan)

    SKU: 20-UN-1

     A cased set of metal pilot wings (full-size 3" and shirt-size 2") in a jeweler's hinged box.  The inside of the box cover is gold embossed with the text: "PRESENTED BY GENERAL CHEN HSING-LING, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, CHINESE AIR FORCE, REPUBLIC OF CHINA".  Apparently General Chen was impeached along with other high-ranking officers for irregularities in a contract with Grumman in 1994.  The set is near-new (not inspected on the reverse; assumed clutch-backed). SOLD

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  • Aviator Sunglasses - Naviex No. 2500

    SKU: 19-UN-8

     New-in-box, old stock.  Teardrop style green lenses, wire wrap-around ear pieces, gold-plated frames.  Not goernment issue but marked on the box "Meets Government Specifications for the absorption of 96% of the infra-red and ultra-violet rays" and "The Sunglass with the 100 year guarantee".  Included are two guarantee slips as found inside vinyl case.  My guess is that these were sold in the PX circa 1940s-50s.  The cardboard box, vinyl carrying case and glasses are as new.

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  • WWII Glider Pilot Wing - Firmin London

    SKU: 19-UN-5

     Full-size (3") finely feathered Firmin hallmarked glider pilot wing.  Separately applied "G" shield, open catch pin.  Rare and desireable hallmark. Excellent condition. SOLD

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  • WWII Senior Service Pilot Wing

    SKU: 19-UN-3

     Full-size (3") sterling pin-back wing with N.S. Meyer shield hallmark.  Very good condition.  SOLD

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  • USAF Paratrooper Badges - Senior and Master circa 1956-1963

    SKU: 19-UN-2

     A rare pair of short-lived US Air Force paratrooper badges in senior and master rates.  These are the first version with 9 risers and the light blue enamel background.  Both carry N.S. Meyer hallmarks on the reverse.  These were introduced in 1956 but I can tell you from person experience that no USAF officer or enlisted had any interest in wearing them.  On a personal note, I completed the US Army Paratrooper School at Fort Benning in 1962 and I was proud to wear the Army Paratrooper Badge.  We raised holy-hell when the USAF brass tried to force us to wear them and we prevailed.  You go through the Army school and you are a qualified Army Paratrooper, not USAF!  I have my issued USAF badge in the basic form but that is in my personal holdings.  Very few qualified for the senior or master rates in the Air Force so these two are rather rare. Excellent condition.  (Reference: Weingarten, Field Guide to US Paratrooper Badges) Price for the pair:

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  • Goggles - Unkown Origin

    SKU: 19-UN-1

     Unusual googles, leather backing with rolled leather edges.  Original elastic headband, adjustable.  Lenses are light brown plastic; metal frame straight edges rotate to permit changing lenses.  No maker marks.  Very good, some rubbing/surface scratchings on lenses.

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  • St. John's Medal, named with 1914 & 1920 bars

    SKU: 18-MISC-00007

    Engraved to Mary Pickering with a serial or medal number on the reverse.  Both the 1914 and 1920 bars are also engraved on the reverse with serial numbers.  Excellent condition.  A very nice example of this award to volunteers of the famous British ambulance service.

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  • USMC Wing, 3"

    SKU: 18-UN-00006

    Classic USN wing, 3" but hallmarked on reverse "USMC Ser. 298"  Also carries a circular hallmark "1/20 - 10K GF, Gemsco, NY".  Pinback.  I am told this is current issue but I have never seen one designated USMC nor one with a serial number.  Fine condition. SOLD

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  • WWII Dutch Wing - Telegraphist

    SKU: 18-UN-00005

    Stamped half-wing, brass, finely feathered wing, 2 1/2" overall.  Old pin-back, nice enamel behind "T".  This wing was recently identified by a customer in Belgium as a WWII Dutch Naval Air Service Telegraphist Wing.  Very good condition.

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  • Master Aircrew Wing, 3"

    SKU: 18-UN-00004

    Master Aircrew Wing, full 3" size.  Clutch-back, "L-22" hallmark.  Appears to be heavy silver but no sterling mark.  Very good, clutches are old style

    Price: $75.00