• Eastern Airlines Stewardess Coat and Pants Set - circa 1950-60

    SKU: 21-AIR-41

     Petit size 2, custom tailored by Bill Haire.  Coat has three EAL logo brass buttons, left breast pocket with sewn holes for crew wing (not present).  Silk-like lining, one interior left pocket and two lower outer pockets with flaps.  Pants also carry the Bill Haire label and have two side slash pockets.  Excellent, as new condition.  Same OD shade as seen in the dress listed below; both from the same stewardess' estate. SOLD

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  • Eastern Airlines Stewardess Dress - circa 1950-60

    SKU: 21-AIR-40

     Size 8, custom tailored by Bill Haire (see photo of label).  Dark brown with bright red-orange trim at collar, front opening and sleeves.  10-button front, elastic waist, left breast pocket with holes for crew wing above (wing not present). Excellent, seems seldom worn (no surprise because of the less-than-flattering OD color!) This dress and the uniform above from the same stewardess' estate. SOLD

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  • WWII Royal Australian Air Force Pilot Kneeboard

    SKU: 21-UN-19

     Unusual (and unused) vintage pilot's flight computer for use in a single seat aircraft.  Top aluminum cover has the classic rotating flight computer for time, distance, airspeed, etc.  Stamped at the top of the outside cover with "Ident No. G6B/145", " King's Crown and R.A.A.F." and "Serial Number WG/1652*". At the bottom is "Computer Navigational Mk.III.D."  Flip open the cover and you find the classic rotating drift track for displaying course.  At the side, lower right, is a knob that scrolls an inside moving airspeed graph.  Inside the open cover is a small notebook for recording flight data. The unit is very heavy (about 2.5 lb) and is unused including the notebook.  The entire unit is in excellent unused condition (one screw holding back leg contour bracket is missing but easily replaced)  SOLD

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  • Early USN Balloon Wing - Hallmarked BB&B

    SKU: 21-UN-18

     This is the crown jewel of USN balloon wings!  US Navy half-wing, 1-5/8", marked sterling, pin-back, open catch.  Hallmarked BB&B for Bailey, Banks and Biddle, famous Philadelphia jewelers known for making the very finest in medals and insignia. Early style shield, no berries in feathers. Excellent with appropriate patina. SOLD

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  • WWII USAAF Electric Heated Clothing Instructions - circa 1944

    SKU: 21-UN-17

     Seldom seen tri-fold instruction sheet (5.5x9.5" closed, 16.5x9.5" open) printed both sides for the set of Electrically Heated Clothing, Army Air Forces Type F-3A. Opens with an illustration of the full set of components, then a listing of items, steps in preparing for flight, how to operate, warning to navigators and instructions for mounting adapter plugs. Included is a paper label which was inserted in the package containing the "Trousers; Flying, Electric".  This flight clothing set is very rare but if you happen to be lucky enough to have it in your collection, you really need this instruction sheet posted along side!  Very good condition.

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  • US Army Air Corps Cadet Hat Badge - original packaging

    SKU: 21-UN-16

     3" wide by 2" high gold wing with silver prop. Original packaging by Best Co. First glance appears vintage WWII except packaging has postal zip code!  Clutch back with two pins. As new.

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  • WWII Swiss Aviation Sleeve Rates

    SKU: 21-UN-15

     Two lower sleeve patches, about 5" long by 1.5" wide.  Black felt with gold/brass tone embroidery.  Not a matching pair because of stitching color and width.  These were worn on the classy Swiss aviation tunic, lower sleeve (Google has a few good photos).  Quite rare, I think.  Very good.  The price for the pair.......

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  • WWI Bullion Pinback Wing Set - Dazzling !

    SKU: 21-UN-14

     A gorgeous full-size (3.75") bullion wing with top-opening pin.  The bullion actually "sparkles" in normal light levels.  The winged prop collar devices have an open catch pin, no hallmarks but a matched pair.  The captain's bars have an unusual hash-mark pattern.  You really cannot exceed the quality of this group. SOLD

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  • U.S. Air Service Junior Military Aviator Bullion Wing

    SKU: 21-UN-12

      Length 2", appears never sewn.  Some corrosion on bullion wires; may be a repro thus the low price.  About good. SOLD

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  • U.S. Air Service Observer Wing in Bullion

    SKU: 21-UN-11

     Length 2", appears never sewn.  Some corrosion on bullion wires; may be a repro thus the low price.  About good. SOLD

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