• WWII AN-6530 Goggles - Fine Original Condition

    SKU: 21-UN-1

     This set is as nice as they get.  Green lenses, original face cushion and elastic headband.   Best of all, the pilot's name is inked inside.

    Price: $185.00
  • WWI Pilot Tunic - 1st Army Air Service

    SKU: 20-UN-12

     U.S. Air Service WWI pilot tunic.  Typical US/winged prop collar insignia, first lieutenant bars, bullion pilot wings (very good), two frayed ribbons and a very nice woven First Army Air Service shoulder patch.  Also three overseas stripes on lower left sleeve.  Has a tag from M.C. Lilly Military Goods Company, Columbus Ohio.  No owner's label.  Tunic is very good with just minor light soil spots and small holes in lining but exterior is very nice.  Absolutely 100% genuine and in very good condition.

    Price: $850.00
  • USN Airship Rating

    SKU: 20-UN-37

     Cloth U.S. Navy airship rate, 3 x 2".  About very good, some light age stains.

    Price: $35.00
  • Polaroid Flying AAF Type B-8 Goggle Instruction Booklet - circa WWII

    SKU: 20-UN-36

     Small 8pp illus brochure, 4x8".  Covers contents of the goggle kit, personal fit of the goggle, interchanging lenses and goggle care.  Very good condition.  These are generally missing from goggle boxes found today.

    Price: $8.00
  • WWI U.S. Air Service Observer's Tunic

    SKU: 20-UN-34

     Dress coat custom tailored in Chatillon, France, site of the 2nd Corps Aeronautical School where Air Service observers were trained from February 1918.  Good + condition, small moth holes in upper right and lower left pockets, custom twill fabric.  Observer wing has a few small bullion threads rising.  Next to the wing is the WWI Victory Medal ribbon.  Correct left shoulder patch of the 3rd Army in fine thread.  Original "US" and "winged-prop" bronze collar brass.  Second lieutenant bullion bars on the shoulder epaulets and one bullion service stripe on lower left sleeve. A very nice example of an original WWI US Aviation Observer tunic. SOLD

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  • Pre-1913 Prussian Aero Club Badge

    SKU: 20-UN-35

     Two piece cast badge with porcelain inlay winged prop.  Reportedly a badge for 1908-1913 aero clubs where great leaps were made in designing and testing pre-WWI aircraft (I would welcome more information about this badge design).  Likely a more recently manufacturered jewelers badge with a short pin and "shine" on the reverse.  Size is 62mm high by 55mm wide. Not often seen in any form. SOLD

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  • Capt Robert C. Klosterman Group - "Infamous" USN Commander/Pilot

    SKU: 20-MISC-7

     Capt Klosterman, USN, graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1969 and flew 440 combat mission in Vietnam.  He flew A-7s, commanded several squadrons, and in 1986 led missions over Libya,  and was a combat commander in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  He then served on several ships, leading to being named first CO of the nuclear carrier USS John C. Stennis.  He seemed to be on a fast-track to admiral when he became embroiled in a very public dispute with this wife, Becky.  Just before a final divorce hearing, Klosterman and his wife were found dead in their home; an apparent murder-suicide.
    The lot offered here includes Capt Klosterman's:
         1) Defense Superior Service Medal (not engraved), with certificate and citation in Joint Chief's folder, 1997.
         2) Tailhooker certificate, 1975, USS Lexington
         3) Change-of-Command brochure, USS John C. Stennis, April 1997
         4) Retirement Ceremony brochure, Klosterman on the USS Stennis, September 1997
         5) Easter Service brochure, USS Stennis, March 1997
         6 Two color photos of Klosterman and a color folder describing the USS Stennis seal

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  • WWII WASP Wing

    SKU: 20-UN-33

     Sterling 3", pin-back.  Nice crisp strike, "sterling" is a cast raised mark, not stamped.  SOLD

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  • WWII Flight Surgeon Wing - Engraved

    SKU: 20-UN-32

     Full-sized 3", pin-back wing, LGB hallmark, sterling, medical device overlay is hallmarked "Amcraft".  On the reverse is hand-engraved name and serial number: "D.H. Root M.C. / 0-487xxx". Very good condition, very unusual to see engraved flight surgeon name on the reverse. SOLD

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  • WWI US Air Service Pilot Dallas Wing - 100% Genuine

    SKU: 20-UN-9

     Seldom seen and rarely offered, this is the most beautiful and desireable of all WWI US Air Service Wings.  A full 3.5" long, mounted on cloth covered brass with top-opening pin.  Wonderful original patina.  No flaws, excellent original condition.  None better.

    Price: $1,500.00