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  • Christofferson San Francisco Advertising Card -1912

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     Large 13 x 10" heavy card stock, advertsing exhibition and passenger flights by Silas Christofferson.  Image in the center is of Christofferson flying the Bolivian Consul General in December 1912.  Included are two original news clips from the San Francisco Examiner describing the flight and picturing the same image as on the card.  Christofferson soon became an aircraft manufacturer and early (if not the first) U.S. commercial pilot flying passengers between San Francisco and Oakland.  Silas died in 1916 in an aircraft accident.  Condition is poor - fair with some missing pieces as shown (condition becomes much less important with other surviving pieces unlikely).  Nicely matted and framed under plexiglas.  Very rare.  (Some extra shipping charges may be necessary; automatic shopping cart ordering not active on this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent.)

    Price: $425.00