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  • WWI Sanke Postcard Album - 64 Aviator Cards

    SKU: 21-P-363

     A fantastic WWI album of original Sanke cards.  There are 55 numbered Sanke's, all different and excellent.  Then there are 9 NPG cards, similar to Sanke's but produced by NPG and not numbered.  At the back of the album are 21 additional cards of aeroplanes, Zeppelins, etc; for a total of 85 cards.  The album has an Iron Cross and "Aus Grosser Zeit" embossed in silver on the simulated leather front cover. The album is 8x5" (shown in the right hand photo) and two of the Sanke cards as mounted on the left (cards are loosely held in corner slits; not pasted).  The photos shown are not to scale; on the left the two Sanke's are in the album open.  The right photo is of the album closed.  Condition of all cards is excellent.  I can send a list of the Sanke/NPG cards upon request.  The price is for the entire album as described.  (Automatic ordering is not active for this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)

    Price: $1,975.00