• Large USAF Photo of Henri Farre Painting - circa 1950's

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    Color photo with image size of 23"w x 18" h.  Reverse has typed ID: "AF KE 12775 - PAINTING - Voisin Aeroplane - Malzeville, France, 1915.  Artist - Henri Farre.  U.S. AIR FORCE PHOTO".  Provenance from the personal archive of a retired USAF photographer.  Very likely from the time of the donation of 69 Farre paintings to the USAF by Laurance Rockefeller in the 1950s.  Unique opportunity to own a high-quality photo of a painting you can never own!  Excellent condition on heavy photo paper.

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  • Inman Bros. Flying Circus Poster

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    Rare and desireable poster circa 1935 for the Inman Bros. Flying Circus.  Advertises airplane rides in a Ford Tri-Motor from a farmer's field, likely in Indiana.  Lightly pasted in the center is a ticket for one ride!  Poster is on heavy card stock, colors are bright and condition is excellent.  Size is 11x14".  A very rare poster from the Golden Age of aviation in the US. ON HOLD

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  • Large Clerget 9R Cut-Away Blueprint

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    Cut-Away has 56 numbered and identified parts in a legend, lower right.  Color is purple on beige background.  22x26".  (Difficult to photograph; colors are brighter and sharper than shown.)  Will be shipped rolled as it was never folded.  Condition is very good.  A "must-have" if you're a WWI engine affectionato or if you are lucky enough to own one.

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  • WWI Pilot Autobiography Literary Poster

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    Harper & Brothers poster advertising the famous WWI aviator story, "A Flying Fighter" by RFC Lieut E. M. Roberts.  Nice photo image of Roberts in the upper center, a Bleriot-type image in upper left and bombs dropping on hapless Germans who are near a crucifiction (what's the connection here???)  The artist is apparently Dealton Valentine.  Poster is 13x20", has been folded once across the center; generally good + condition, a little bleeding of the red border on the left. Only copy I have encountered in 45 years.

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  • US Air Service WWI German Aircraft ID Poster

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    Multiple black silhouettes of 10 WWI German aircraft.  Overall size is 16x18.5", had been folded into eights (or perhaps smaller) for insertion into a pocket.  Nice display piece in good condition with some light dust.

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  • 96th Aero Squadron 1917-1918 Litho - Dealer Lot

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    Company of Military Historians Plate No. 496, copyright 1980.  From the series Military Uniforms in America.  Shows a pilot in flight suit, a 2d Lt in a Mackinaw and a 1st Lt in service dress.  Size is 11x14", as new condition.  This is a lot of 20 identical lithos.  Each should retail for $12-15 I should think.  There's a potential 100% markup here.

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  • French Lithograph - 1918

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    Lovely large color litho entitled (in French below the image) "Poster by Richard Putz - Edited and hosted by the National Bank of Credit on the Occasion of the National Loan - October 1918"  Printed by Devambez, Paris.  Shows a French angel leading a victorious French army overrunning the defeated Germans.  Size is 20x14", excellent condition.

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  • Smith & Wesson Revolver Poster - ca. 1920

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    Colorful original Smith and Wesson poster of a cowboy firing his revolver pursued by Indians across a river.  S & W logo in the lower left corner and "Printed by S & W".  The artist's signature is obscured by the border.  Printed on heavy card stock, 18 x 22".  About good condition; one small thumb-tack hole is upper image border, some light soiling top and bottom which should clean easily by a conservator.  This would be a wonderful centerpiece to a S & W pistol collection.  (REDUCED)

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  • Phillips Petroleum WWI Aerial Battle Prints

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    Three sepia-tone prints from a promotional series by Phillips Petroleum Company, 1961.  Paper size is 21 x 17", artist is Tran Mawicke.  Prints are:  Plate #15, April 1918, Eddie Rickenbacker in pursuit of an Albatros DV; Plate #16, November 1917, McKeever and Powell take on nine enemy planes; Plate #17, March 1917, Rene' Fonck in a Caudron G.IV bomber engages Albatros single-seaters.  Plates 16 & 17 are excellent; plate 15 has a section of toning which can be seen in the photograph (the shading on the right is a shadow).  These are very nice art prints of high quality and would be wonderful framed.  Included is a letter from the manager of aviation sales dated 1961 which was included when the prints were released.  The price for the three...

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  • Hubbell Prints - ca. 1938

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    Three Thompson Products color prints of famous Charles Hubbell paintings:  1) Douglas DST, American Airlines, reprint from Fortune May 1938, 2) Boeing 314, PAA, reorinted from Fortune March 1938, 3) Thompson Valve Ad, reprint from Fortune, December 1936.  All are 11x14",  generally very good, no tears or folds.  These are very popular prints from a famous and highly respected artist.

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