• Eight (8) Vintage United Air Lines Promotional Photo Posters - circa 1935

    SKU: 21-CAT-71

     Large 12x18" photos with text below.  In lower left corner: "United Air Lines Photo/Department of School and College Service".  Subjects are 1) Wright Flyer (1903), 2) DH4 Mailplane (1920), 3) Swallow C.A.M. 5 Biplane (1926), 4) UAL Boeing 40-B (1927), 5) UAL C.A.M. 18 Boeing 95 (1928), 6) UAL Boeing 80A (1929), 7) UAL Ford Tri-Motor (1930), (8) UAL Boeing 247 (1933).  All very good (except light stain bottom margin on Wright Flyer), one center fold on all.  These would be a wonderful wall display when framed.

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  • B-17 Crew Artifact - circa 1945

    SKU: 21-UN-17

     Large vintage (irregular 12"W x 8"H) hand-painted "patch" on canvas of B-17 Umbriago, showing the B-17 with bombs below and 8 targets around the edge in red text.  About the size to have been sewn to the back of an A-2 jacket.  Some remnants of paper pasted to the reverse as though it was once in an album.  Included is a 8.5x7" paper illustration of the B-17 with the crew in caricature along with their nicknames.  About good-very good.  Deserves to be researched further.  SOLD

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  • Rare British Poster - 1915

    SKU: 21-POST-53

     "PUBLIC WARNING" poster printed by Sir Joseph Causton, London, as authorized by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1915.  This poster was found occasionally 40 years ago but has become quite scarce today.  This is only the third one I have had and one is in my collection.  This poster is about very good, overall age toning, one horizontal fold and a small rub in lower right margin.  Really a "must" in the WWI aero collector's "cave".

    Price: $745.00
  • Sticker Lot of 6 - 1929 to 1940

    SKU: 21-MISC-37

     Unused, original gum stickers sizes from 1.5x2" to 2.5x3". Earliest is 1929 Buffalo Aviation Show, then 1937 National Aviation Show, 1938 Oregon National Airmail Week, and Wings Over America circa 1940.  Excellent.

    Price: $20.00
  • WWII Air Corps Recruiting Sticker

    SKU: 21-MISC-36

     Small original gum unused sticker, 2.75" square with 3-ship P-39 or P-63 image.  Excellent. SOLD

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  • Hughes Heavy Lift Concept Helicopter Poster - circa 1960's

    SKU: 21-POST-52

     Large 23x18" color poster showing artist concepts of heavy lift helicopters for both the US Navy and Marine Corp.  This is a typical item produced in small numbers at a time the company was trying to sell the military on a new concept. Not surprising that it resembles the Sikorsky Sky Crane.  Text at the bottom of the poster reads: "Hughes Reaction Drive/Heavy Lift Helicopter System; Hughes Tool Company/Aircraft Division; Culver City, California".  Excellent in a frame of slightly larger size.  Will ship rolled in a tube or for extra postage in the frame.

    Price: $45.00
  • Original Pen & Ink 3-View of Lockheed Orion - 1933

    SKU: 21-CAT-31

     Heavy manila card stock, 8x11", with lettered text: "LOCKHEED 'ORION'/ -Seven place, high speed transport".  One-of-a-kind ink drawing, possibly for a model airplane magazine.  In the bottom margin in very small ink is "220 mph" and "4/9/33".  Very good; small pin holes upper left and right margins. 

    Price: $40.00
  • Pennsylvania Central Airlines (PCA) Presentation Certificate - 1946

    SKU: 21-AIR-37

     Large 13x17" certificate, framed.  Fancy color printing with caligraphy name "Milton G. Greenebaum", commisssioning him an honorary captain of the Capital Fleet.  Certificate is dated Oct 31, 1946.  Complete with corporate seal with 1936 date.  Nice image of a DC-4 at the top with PCA Pilot Wings below.  In the original wood frame (needs repainting; some paint wear).  PCA memorabilia is quite difficult tio find.  Some wrinkling at top of certificate; generally good condition.

    Price: $45.00
  • Six Color Photocopy Prints of Famous Aircraft

    SKU: 21-POST-51

     8x10", subjects are Balloon Busting Spad 13 in 1917, Fokker D7 v.S.E.5 in 1918, Sopwith Camel v. Fokker Triplanes 1916, Ford Tri-Motor, spirit of St. Louis and Gee  Bee Racer.  Excellent.  Would make a nice display in a young aviator's bedroom.

    Price: $15.00
  • Player "Polar Exploration" Cigarette Card Set - circa 1910

    SKU: 21-POST-50

     Complete set of 25 printed in color.  Image on the front of each with descriptive text on the reverse.  Each card 35x67mm. Excellent condition.

    Price: $65.00