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  • Chicago 1911 International Air Meet Postcards (6)

    SKU: 15-P-00016

    Lovely set of six cards, 4 mailed and 2 unused.  Third card in first photo is postmarked 1914 and is not marked Chicago so it is likely from a early different air meet (also has a corner chip) but is a marvelous image.  Other five cards are all printed on the front for the air meet.  Mailed cards are postmarked 1911-1912. General condition is very good.  Price is for the lot only; cards not priced individually.

    Price: $110.00
  • Brookins Postcards - 1910

    SKU: 15-P-00015

    Three original 1910 postards with early aviator Brookins.  Copyright 1910 by E.J. Godshall.  All are unused and in very good condition.  Variety of scenes of Brookins with the Wright Bros. and flying a Wright machine.  (Lot price only as shown below)

    Price: $55.00
  • Balloon Postcards (3) - 1907/1916

    SKU: 15-P-00014

    Three vintage postcards, all very good condition.  From top-to-bottom: (a)  Van Wert County Fair Balloon Ascension.  Text on front dated Sep 11, 1914 and "The Balloon is Always a Big Attraction" but another date line in the top right of Sep 4-8, 1916.  Unused but pencil name on reverse. $20 (b)  French Balloon Card.  Unused, color, text on front is "PARIS - Porte Maillot".  $15  (c)  Vintage Card w/Knabenshue Airship, 1907.  Although card is printed in Greenville, OH in 1907, it is heavily inscribed on the reverse by Aeronaut Earl Hess.  He describes the airship bursting and being repaired; card was dedicated to Hans and Edith Dam in 1965. SOLD.  Price below is for the lot of 2 cards provided none is previously sold.

    Price: $30.00
  • Ballooon Postcards (5) - 1909/1916

    SKU: 15-P-00013

    Five original ballooning postcards as follows;  clockwise from upper left: (a)  Natl Guard Balloon Encampment, Elgin, Illinois, three vignets with ink text below "Corey's balloon of Chicago at Ill Natl Guard Camp at Elgin, mailed from Elgin to Dayton,  Ohio, 1909.  $35 (b) Balloon Ascension, Oxford England.  Mailed 1911, Oxford to Hastings, England,  message talks about altitude of 5000 ft, then parachute. $25; (c)  "Destruction of German Airship, Guggley, 3 Sept 1916".  Unused.  $25.  (d) Balloon Ascension, Long Beach, Cal., mailed from Long Beach to Los Angeles 1909.  $20; (e)  Balloon Ascension at Riverside Park, Sioux City, IA.  Tinted color photo. Mailed 1911 in Iowa.  $20  (Price below is for lot of 5 if none sold individually)

    Price: $95.00
  • Balloon Postcards (4) - 1910/11

    SKU: 15-P-00012

    Four original ballooning postcards.  All very good, some mailed as noted, typical small corner rubbing.  Clockwise from upper left: (a) Baloon (sic) House, Fort Omaha; Mailed from Omaha to Fort Wayne, 1911 (may be from US Army Balloon Corps). $20; (b) Gordon Bennett Race, Zurich 1909, mailed from Zurich  to Hamilton, OH 1909, small German text handwritten message. $35; (c) Kingwood WVa Balloon Launch 1910, mailed from Kingwood to Athens Ohio, 1910; message text talks about pilot landing in a tree unhurt.  $25; (d) "Waiting for Hot Air for Our Balloon", nice color tinted photo, card unused, printed by Kraemer Art Co., Berlin (Germany) and Cinncinnati . $20   (Price below is for the lot of 4 if none have sold individually)

    Price: $80.00
  • 333rd Aero Service Sqdn "Yard-long"

    SKU: 15-P-00007

    Panorama photo, 9x41", AEF, dated 12/8/18.  Assumed photo taken in France; interesting tents in background.  Very good.  Original oak frame.  Special shipping may apply.  May deliver in the midwest.

    Price: $50.00
  • 13th Provisional Company (Aviation) "Yard-long"

    SKU: 15-P-00005

    Panorama photo, 10x39", commanding officer w/pilot wings, many EMs have four-bladed cloth prop patch on right sleeve.  Typed roster with names, tent and cot numbers written in is taped to back of original frame.  Good plus, some frame chipping as normally found.  Special shipping charges may apply; significant quantity discount for all seven listed.  May deliver in the midwest. 

    Price: $125.00
  • Squadron No. 60 "Yard-long"

    SKU: 15-P-00004

    Panorama photo, 10x36", text reads"Lieutenant Wolfe's Squadron No. 60 Flying Cadets.  A. Koch Studio, Ithaca, NY.  Senior Sgt pictured; other EMs all have Springfield rifles.  Very good, modern frame.  Special shipping may apply.  May deliver in midwest.

    Price: $100.00
  • No. 3 Flight, RFC "Yard-long"

    SKU: 15-P-00003

    Panorama photo, 9.5x36", No. 3 Flt, RFC, Long Branch Camp.  Dated Oct 31, 1917, commanding officer and senior NCO in center , all rest flying cadets.  Very good and quite rare for flight school.  Shrink wrapped.  Special shipping may apply.  May deliver in midwest.

    Price: $50.00