Photos/Postcards (partial automatic shipping charge refunded on these items)

  • Alliance "Argo" Photo

    SKU: 22-P-72

     Modern 5x4" b&w glossy with typed text in botoom margin: "Allaiance 'Argo' 115hp Alliance-Hess 'Warrior' Engine.  Glendale, Calif 1936".  Excellent; photographer rubber stamp on reverse.

    Price: $7.00
  • Turkish Curtiss Wright Hawk Photo

    SKU: 22-P-71

     Sepia-tone, 5x4", modern image with ID printed in bottom margin.  Excellent.

    Price: $5.00
  • Rohrbach Romar German Seaplane Photo

    SKU: 22-P-70

     Sepia tone 5x4", modern image of this 1928 seaplane.  Excellent

    Price: $5.00
  • Eddie Rickenbacker (?) Photo

    SKU: 22-P-69

     Circa 1927 image of four men, two in uniform, beneath the wing of an early transport.  5x4", b&w, modern copy w/rubber stamp on reverse: AF Photo, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. Unsure about personnel in photo; maybe one of my alert customers can help?  Excellent.

    Price: $5.00
  • Geneva Color Postcard - circa 1930

    SKU: 22-P-68

     Early transport sporting Swiss registration over Geneva. Excellent, unused.

    Price: $5.00
  • General Balbo Postcard - circa 1933

    SKU: 22-P-67

     B&W printed photo of a large crew on the wing and pontoon of one of Italian General Balbo's seaplane.  Excellent, unused.  This is likely circa 1933 when Balbo's fleet of seaplanes travelled to the 1933 Chicago Century of Progress.  Of continuing amazement to me is the award to Balbo, a famous fascist, of the Harmon Trophy and the Distinguished Flying Cross.  

    Price: $7.00
  • Custom Biplane - 1927

    SKU: 22-P-66

     Small b&w rearview of biplane, 4.5x2.5".  Handwritten text on reverse: "Built by Ray B. Vaughan/1927/Stow Field.  Hisso 220 converted to 180 HP/three place".  Very good.

    Price: $8.00
  • Cleveland Couple w/Biplane - 1932

    SKU: 22-P-65

     Small b&w snapshot, 4.5x2.5".  Pencilled on reverse: "Bill Whitman/Cleveland Sept 1932".  Very good. 

    Price: $5.00
  • 1917 Bristol M.R.1 All-Metal Fighter

    SKU: 22-P-64

     Sepia-tone 5x4", identifying text below image.  Likely about 30-40 years old.  Excellent.

    Price: $6.00
  • 1930 Waco ASO Postcard

    SKU: 22-P-63

     Circa 1980s Kodak photo postcard.  Image shows a pilot in the cockpit, engine running and passenger sitting on the wing.  Excellent, unused.

    Price: $10.00