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  • Original Photo of Charles Weymann at Weight-In - 1911

    SKU: 21-P-456

     Vintage 1911 5x7" sepia-tone photo of Charles Weymann at a Reims Military Concours.  Weymann is well-known for his flying at Reims 1910, Paris-Rome Race 1911, Circuit European, 1912 Gordon Bennett and the 1912 Monaco Hydro-Aeroplane Race.  Photographer stamp and stamped date of 15 Nov 1911, along with hand-written text, on the reverse.  Very good. 

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  • Famous Italian Air Celebrity - circa 1911

    SKU: 21-P-455

     Original 5x7 sepia-tone photo of Gabriele d' Annunzio, well-known Italian poet and air celebrity who flew with Orville Wright in 1908.  Press stamp and lengthy hand-written text on reverse.  Very good.

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  • Original Grand Prix d' Aviation Angers (Circuit d'Anjou) Photo - 1912

    SKU: 21-P-454

     Aerial photo (?) of the viewing stands with hangars at the back, 5x7", sepia-tone.  Photographer stamps on the reverse along with handwritten descriptive text.  Negative number lower right.  About fair; unfortunate black ink "swipe" about where the entrace gate is shown, lower left.  Toning and wrinkles upper right.  Doubt that there are many photos in existence of this airfield. SOLD

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  • Aviator Charles Weymann at French Aero Meet - 1911

    SKU: 21-P-453

     Original 5x7" sepia-tone photo of well-known aviator Weymann being welcomed by a large group of French military and civilians.  Sharp photographer and date stamps (15 Nov 1911) along with a handwritten title on the reverse.  Very good.

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  • Period Photo of French Designer M. Doutre - circa 1911

    SKU: 21-P-452

     Original 5x7" sepia-tone photo of famous French inventor/lawyer/designer M. Doutre, likely describing his stabilizer invention to two French general officers.  Press rubber stamps on reverse along with hand-written text.  Very good.

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  • Original 1911 Paris-Rome Air Race Photo

    SKU: 21-P-451

     Historic 5x7" sepia-tone photo of Jean Louis Conneau in flight during the Paris-Rome Air Race of 1911.  Conneau was a famous French aviator, holding pilot license #7.  He won three well-known air races:  Paris-Rome 1911, Daily Mail Circuit of Britain and Paris-Madrid.  He went on to command a flying boat squadron in WWI.  Photo has a press stamp on the reverse, handwritten text and a stamped date of 29 May 1911.  Good+, some toning and wrinkles upper left margin.

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  • Bleriot at Reims - 1909

    SKU: 21-P-450

     Historic original 5x7" sepia-tone press photo of Louis Bleriot being interviewed by the Reims Committee.  The aero meet at Reims was, of course, the first recognized aviation meet featuring heavier-than-air aeroplanes.  Bleriot had a strong showing, winning a prize for the fastest lap and exciting the crowd when his aircraft crashed and burst into flames.  Identifying text in ink on the reverse along with stamps of the photographer and an engineer.  Very good.

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  • Original R.E.P. Photo - 1911

    SKU: 21-P-449

     Vintage 1911 5x7" press photo of Robert Esnault-Pelterie at the R.E.P. booth at the Salon de l'Aviation, France.  This ia apparently the founder of R.E.P. showing his No. 2 aircraft to two other gentlemen (identified on the reverse).  Stamps and descriptive text (French) on the reverse from the photographer and famous periodical "Flugsport".  Also a typed pasted-on strip identifying R.E.P. founder at the bottom.  Very good.

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  • German Officer in Winter Garb - circa 1912

    SKU: 21-P-448

     Original 5x7" sepia-tone press photo of a German Officer (likely aviation related). German photo company stamp on reverse and an ink date.  Very good.

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  • WWI Original Press Photo - circa 1917

    SKU: 21-P-447

     B&W 7.5x6" press photo with mimeo press release (originally pasted on reverse, now loose).  Subject is "Death Overtakes Two More College Men".  Text speaks to the death of two US Navy pilots, D. Sturtevant and Curtis Reid; likely both of the First Yale Unit (I'm not in my reference library at the moment or I could confirm this).  Good condition; one 3/4" circular loss of emulsion on right leg of pilot on the left.

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