• La Technique Aeronautique - 1935

    SKU: 20-CAT-93

     105pp + ads, illus, 7x10.5", wrps.  About 60pp of aircraft ID, 2-pages per aircraft.  One page has photo and 3-view, facing page lists characteristics. Some of the aircraft pictured are Breguet, Caudron, Farman, Latecoere, Salmson, etc.  French text.  Well worn but complete, about poor-fair.  Useful period reference.

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  • "Flight" Magazine (R101 Airship) - Oct 1929

    SKU: 20-ZEPP-56

     34pp, 8.25x12", illus.  Central article "H.M. AIRSHIP R.101", 7 pp with photos.  Misc aviation news, supplement in the back with classifieds, wonderful full-page ads.  About fair, light cover soil, old label with "Airship R101" pasted on front cover.

    Price: $20.00
  • Die Dornier Post - Jun/Jul 1938

    SKU: 20-MAG-42

     24pp, 8x11.5", illus.  Lead article on the Do 26 Flying Boat.  Following articles on industrial hand injuries, mineral collecting/photos, espionage and a number of articles showing Nazi officials at formal ceremonies.  German text.  Good.

    Price: $15.00
  • Curtiss-Wright Review (partial) - July 1930

    SKU: 20-CAT-87

     Vol 1, No. 4, 32pp but pages 3-4, 11-14, 19-20 missing.  Remaining has interesting articles: Curtiss-Bleecker Helicopter (front page lead), two-page photo spread on the CW Exhibition Company, "Major Doolittle and Party Impress those Abroad", and a two-page photo spread "Women in Aviation/Women Who Sell Curtiss-Wright (10 portraits, most in flying garb).  Poor - Fair because of missing pages. 

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  • Vliegwerekl Magazine - June 1951

    SKU: 20-MAG-39

     32pp, 8x11.5", illus.  Aviation news, Paris Air Show Issue, lead 7 page article on the Fokker S.14 side-by-side jet trainer with winderful cutaway drawings.Good.

    Price: $10.00
  • Liberty Magazine - May 30, 1942

    SKU: 20-MAG-37

     58pp, illus, 8.5x11".  Color cover with painting of Gen Douglas MacArthur and lead article "MacArthur - Hero and Husband".  Much like a supermarket tabloid with many short stories targetted to women readers.  Very good.

    Price: $8.00
  • The Model Craftsman - August 1943

    SKU: 20-MAG-35

     50pp, illus.  Sections on Railroads, Power Boats, Race Cars and Model Aircraft.  Plans for the "Streamliner"(tether airplane).  Good plus.

    Price: $8.00
  • The Model Craftsman - March 1947

    SKU: 20-MAG-34

     50pp, illus, sections on Railroads, Model Aircraft, Race Cars and Miscellaneous.  Plans for the "Powerhouse" (gas powered) and the "Deacon" (rubber band).  Good plus.

    Price: $8.00
  • OF MEN AND STARS, A History of Lockheed Aircraft Corp, Chapter II - Apr 1957

    SKU: 20-MAG-33

     16pp, illus, 8.5x11". The First Lockheeds: Box Kites, Barnstorming and Flying Boats. Covers the period 1909-1919.   A nice history in the early years right from the company that made it.  Good, 3-hole punched.

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  • The Bee-Hive, United Aircraft Corp - Jan 1949

    SKU: 20-MAG-29

    35pp, illus, 8x11.5". Articles about Chance-Vought Cutlass, P&W Wasp VDT engine, Berlin Airlift, Lakehurst's Sikorsky Helicopters, Hamilton-Standard props.  Good, previous owner's rubber stamp front cover.

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