• Air Transportation Directory Number - 1929

    SKU: 21-CAT-75

     Large 8.5x11.5", 308pp, illus.  Filled with ads, lists of manuacturers (engines, aircraft, etc), schools, airports, taxi services, hotels, etc, and a lengthy list of licensed aircraft.  A wealth of information here.  Cover tattered and loose; contents very good.  An important reference for the researcher and aviation enthusiast.  SOLD

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  • Airship Issue - Naval Aviation News

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-368

     September 1975, 40 pp, 8x10".  12pp photo-illus article on the history of airships with emphasis on the US Navy's role in airship use and development.  Also a 6-page article on the history of USN aerial photography and a centerpiece on the North American T-28 B&C.  Good; light cover spotting, interior clean.  SOLD

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  • WWII Base Newspaper, Anacostia NAS - October (1943)

    SKU: 21-MAG-73

     12 page original newspaper, First October Issue (assumed 1943).  8x13", stapled left margin. Interior articles include a Purple Heart Award story and ceremony, church notes, dance band schedule, personnel highlights, Wave news, Dance Night, boxing report and sports page. A most interesting peek at the activities of a stateside Navy Base in wartime. Very good. 

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  • Wing Tips - circa 1950

    SKU: 21-MAG-72

     Vol I, No. 33.  A publication of the Ohio Aviation Board, no date.  8pp, illus, 5.5x8.5".  Poor editing as there are two pages repeated!  Designed to update Ohio pilots on current events in the state.  Cannot be many surviving as it sure looks like a throw-away to me!  Good.

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  • The Air Mail Collector, 3 issues - 1929/30

    SKU: 21-MAG-71

     "A Magazine Devoted Exclusively to the Interests of the Collector of Air Mail Stamps and Flown Covers".  Vol I, No.10 Aug 1929/Vol II, No. 7 May 1930/Vol II, No. 12 Oct 1930.  Each issue 50+ pages, illus, many ads and articles, 6x9".  Very good.

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  • Sportsman Aviation and Modelplanes - 1934

    SKU: 21-MAG-70

     Mid-Summer (Jul-Aug) 1934, Vol 3, No. 1/2.  30pp, illus, 7x10".  Articles on the Henderson engine, Fairchild 22/24, Dutch Pander monoplane, S-A Moth, sailplanes, model engines, classifieds, etc.  Very good.

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  • 6th Air Force Veterans - Vol 1, No.1 of The Caribbean Breeze - 1994

    SKU: 21-MAG-67

     Inaugural newsletter published at Antique Airfield, Ottumwa, Iowa.  20pp, illus, 8.5x11".  Very good; mailed and returned.  The 6th Air Force was constituted in 1940 and was assigned in the defense of the Panama Canal.  This newsletter has reprints of articles from the begining of the 6th.

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  • QB - "Quiet Birdmen" BEAM Newsletter - 1952/74

    SKU: 21-MAG-65

     Three issues (2-1952 and 1-1974) addressed internally at Waco Co. to Clayton Brukner, President of Waco.  Two of the issues have articles highlighted as of interest, likely to Brukner.  16/20/40pp per issue, illus, 8.5x11".  Very good.

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  • Trade-A-Plane - two issues, very early circa 1938

    SKU: 21-MAG-64

     One sheet bi-fold (then tri-folded for mailing) flyer of classifieds of this newpaper known to every pilot.  Two issues only, dates are "Feb 19" and "March 5" yet text in an ad indicates this is likely 1937-38.  Opens to 12x18".  Printed on newspaper stock so rather fragile.  Chips at top and bottom of Feb 19 issue but Mar 5 in very good. Would frame nicely. 

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  • Sportsman Aviation and Modelplanes - 1934

    SKU: 21-MAG-63

     Vol 3, No. 5, Nov 1934.  36pp, illus, 7x10".  Articles about the Henderson engine, the English Comper Mouse, Fairchild 24, Henderson Longster, classifieds, etc.  Very good.  SOLD

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