Norman Prince Childhood Portrait - signed

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Lt. Norman Prince, Lafayette Escadrille, 5 victories, KIA October 1916.  Prince was one of the most popular pilots in and a founder of the Lafayette Escadrille which became the famous 103rd Aero Squadron when the US joined the war.  This is an 8.5 x 11" page from an autograph collector's album with a descriptive label at the top, a small oval image of Prince at the bottom (in French aviation) and the centerpiece a 2 x 2.5" portrait of a young Prince in jacket and tie which is mounted to a slightly larger card with the stamped imprint of the photographer, "MARSHALL BOSTON".  On the reverse in ink is "Norman Prince, May 1901"Assumed that this is in Prince's hand.  ( In 1901 Prince was 13 years old).  All in good condition. The photo is under loose clear poly and is not pasted down nor permanently attached (needs to come out of the page, though).  Important autograph nearly impossible to obtain due to his death at a young age. SOLD

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