• 1928 Booklet - Addresses of Pilots and Relatives, Lafayette Escadrille and Flying Corps

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     Published by the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial, 1 May 1928.  24pp, wrps, 6.5x9.5".  First page lists names and addresses of French officers.  Following pages list the same for U.S. pilots and their relatives.  Even for the deceased, relatives listed are parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.  A treasure trove of information for those chasing LFC information from the families.  Very good; light cover stains.  A rare publication. SOLD

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  • Travel Directions to Dedication of Lafayette Escadrille Memorial for Dedication - 1928

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     Small 6.25x9.75" bifold having a map for travel from the center of Paris to the Memorial and written directions on one side.  The reverse has a full page map of the Memorial Site.  Very good.  Obviously intended to be used by those travelling to the dedication on July 4, 1928.

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  • Official Invitation Card to the Dedication Ceremonies of the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial - 4 Jul 1918

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     Small 5.5x4" printed card.  Excellent condition.  SOLD

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  • Bon Voyage Message to Attendees at Lafayette Escadrille Memorial - 1928

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     One-sheet flowery message in English from the President of the Federation of French Volunteers to the Administrator of the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial.  Obviously intended for all those who travelled to France from the United States.  8.5x11", four-folded, mimeo.  Very good.

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  • Travel Information Sheet to Dedication of the Lafayette Escadrille Monument - 1928

    SKU: 21-LFC-7

     One-page set of instructions for travel to France for the July 4, 1928 dedication.  Covers items like passports and visas, tours. the program for the dedication and a request for communication from those attending.  8.25x12".  Very good; dirty purple printing, one horizontal fold.

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  • Donation Form to Lafayette Escadrille Memorial - 1928

    SKU: 21-LFC-6

     Unused form soliciting donations to this French Memorial.  8.25x5.25", folded vertically for mailing.  Very good; mailing address at bottom underlined in blue pencil.

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  • Tribute and Eulogy on Dedication of the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial - 4 Jul 1928

    SKU: 21-LFC-5

     Mimeo sheet with a typed tribute by Marshall Foch and a eulogy by Ambassador Herrick.  This sheet was distributed at the dedication of the memorial.  8.5x11", four folded for mailing.  Very good.

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  • Lot of 25 Lafayette Escadrille Photos, French Army Archive Copies

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     All 5x7 b&w from the "Establissement Cinematographique des Armees, Fort D'Ivry".  Each reverse carries the archive rubber stamp along with a photo number in pencil.  But best of all, there is a detailed caption in pencil on the back of each (names, location, subject).  These also came through the American Heritage photo files.  I would guess these copies date from the 1960s-70s.  In the photo in the upper left you see a sample, this one of a pilot's grave.  Immediately to the right is the reverse with the rubber stamp shown.  Below is the collection itself.  Condition of all is excellent.  Accessing these today from the French Archives would likely cost at least twice what I am asking. 

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  • Lot of 10 Photos, Lafayette Flying Corps/Escadrille

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     All 8x10" b&w from the American Heritage files.  Four are of Henri Farre paintings in the USAF Art Collection (subjects: Nungesser, Thaw, Guynemer, Malzeville Airfield).  Four by unknown artists (subjects: Thaw, Lufbery,Prince, Rockwell).  One of a charcoal of the airfield at Toul, France, by J. Andre Smith, Natrional Archive Collection, Signal Corps WWI photo.  One of the Lafayette Escadrille mascot, "Whiskey".  All very good condition.

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  • Lafayette Escadrille Group Photo - 1916

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     Original b&w photo, 8x5", image size 5.5x3.25".  Ten members in full uniform in front of their aircraft.  Reverse has the ink inscription "Lafayette Escadrille at Verdun 1916" and "Paul A. Rockwell Collection", typed file label below.  Very good with typed file label at the bottom of the reverse; image very sharp. SOLD

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