• Lot of 14 Lafayette Escadrille Photos - Rockwell Collection

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     Ten (10) 5x8" and four (4) 8x10" b&w photos from the Paul A. Rockwell Collection through the American Heritage files.  The photo to the left shows a sample 8x5" in the upper left, the reverse of that photo below and a collage of the entire lot to the right.  Each photo is identified on the reverse and has ink "Paul A. Rockwell Coll."  These are likely copies circa 1960s-70s.  Excellent condition.  Likely tough to find these days; location of the original negatives unknown. SOLD

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  • Lot of 25 Lafayette Escadrille Photos, French Army Archive Copies

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     All 5x7 b&w from the "Establissement Cinematographique des Armees, Fort D'Ivry".  Each reverse carries the archive rubber stamp along with a photo number in pencil.  But best of all, there is a detailed caption in pencil on the back of each (names, location, subject).  These also came through the American Heritage photo files.  I would guess these copies date from the 1960s-70s.  In the photo in the upper left you see a sample, this one of a pilot's grave.  Immediately to the right is the reverse with the rubber stamp shown.  Below is the collection itself.  Condition of all is excellent.  Accessing these today from the French Archives would likely cost at least twice what I am asking. 

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  • Lot of 10 Photos, Lafayette Flying Corps/Escadrille

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     All 8x10" b&w from the American Heritage files.  Four are of Henri Farre paintings in the USAF Art Collection (subjects: Nungesser, Thaw, Guynemer, Malzeville Airfield).  Four by unknown artists (subjects: Thaw, Lufbery,Prince, Rockwell).  One of a charcoal of the airfield at Toul, France, by J. Andre Smith, Natrional Archive Collection, Signal Corps WWI photo.  One of the Lafayette Escadrille mascot, "Whiskey".  All very good condition.

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  • Lafayette Escadrille Group Photo - 1916

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     Original b&w photo, 8x5", image size 5.5x3.25".  Ten members in full uniform in front of their aircraft.  Reverse has the ink inscription "Lafayette Escadrille at Verdun 1916" and "Paul A. Rockwell Collection", typed file label below.  Very good with typed file label at the bottom of the reverse; image very sharp.

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  • French Aces Photo, WWI - Nungesser and Cayla Brothers

    SKU: 20-LFC-3

     Original b&w photo, 5x8", image size 3.25x5.5".  Three WWI French aces pictured: Nungesser with cane in the center and the Cayla brothers left and right.  Interesting to see all three in different uniforms. Reverse has an ink inscription describing subjects in the photo along with "Paul A. Rockwell Collection"; typed file label bottom center. Very good; sharp image. SOLD

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  • Lafayette Escadrille Photo - Rockwell, Thaw, Pavelka & "Whiskey"

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     Original b&w photo, 5x8", image size 3.25x5.5".  Kiffin Rockwell is on the left, William Thaw center with lion mascot "Whiskey", Paul Pavelka is on the right.  Reverse has an ink inscription explaining participants and "Paul A. Rockwell Coll." below; typed file label at the bottom.  Very good with a sharp image (some fuzzy hands and arms as they attempt to control a snarling Whiskey!) SOLD

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  • Lafayette Escadrille Photo - Thaw, Pavelka & "Whiskey"

    SKU: 20-LFC-1

     Original b&w photo, 5x8", image size 3.25x5.5".  William Thaw is in the foreground holding lion mascot "Whiskey" with Paul Pavelka in the background.  Reverse has an ink inscription describing content along with "Paul A. Rockwell Collection"; a typed file label is pasted below.  Very good condition; image is exceptionally sharp. SOLD

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  • LFC Pilot David Lewis Signed Lot

    SKU: 18-LFC-00048

    Nice lot of signed items by David W. Lewis, LFC pilot.  Lewis served for 6 months in 1915 with the American Ambulance Field Service, returned to the US and then went back to France a second time in ambulance work.  He tranfered to aviation and received his brevet on 13 Nov 1917.  He served with spa 79 and is credited with one victory.  This is a large grouping of paper from Lewis incorporating the following:  1) Two color illustrations removed from a period book (which one is unknown), each signed boldly by Lewis, 2) one postcard and two original photos of WWI aircraft, each signed by Lewis, 3) original Air Service aerial photo 3.5x5" of USAS aircraft over Montidier France (inscribed on reverse), 4)  letter to Lewis in original envelope addressed to him in spa 79 dated May 1918, 5) large photo copy of Lewis' Croix de Guerre certificate from 1915 (signed by Lewis at the bottom) 6) 5x7 original photo of trenches below a USAS aircraft in flight, 7) several articles and certificates issued to Lewis later in life and a copy of the 1962 Lafayette First Reunion Air Show program.  A very comprehensive group with great signatures on original photos.

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  • Lafayette Flying Corp Poster - The Last Reunion, Aug 25-28, 1983 - Signed by Five Survivors

    SKU: 18-LFC-00047

    Attractive poster by Jack Moses for "The Last Reunion" of the Lafayette Flying Corps held Aug 25-28, 1983 at the USAF Academy, Colorado Springs.  Pictured in the lithograph are 9 surviving LFC members (Paul Rockwell was the official historian).  The following LFC members signed the poster:  Paul Rockwell, Wainwright Abbott, John Huffer, Henry Forster and Charles Grey.  The poster is 16 x 20" and is shrink-wrapped over a foam-core board.  It is as new except there is a small 1/4" indent near the upper left margin which is visible only close up and will press out when framed.  This will be shipped as-is, flat, so extra shipping will be billed separately.  My estimate is about $25.  (I was at this reunion while on the faculty at the Academy and it was quite the event)

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  • Signed Card - Lafayette Escadrille Executive Officer Lieutenant Louis Verdier-Fauverty

    SKU: 18-LFC-00040

    Small (4x3") card with ink note in French (I am having it translated) on both sides, date is Oct 22, 1916.  Card is embossed "Ministere de la Guerre/Cabinet du Ministre".  I acquired this card with a bio-sketch of Verdier-Fauvety so I assumed this card was signed by him (signature is a short initial).  On the date of this card, Verdier-Fauvety had received his brevet and was between assignments; he joined Escadrille N.65 on 18 November 1917.  He was a beloved French pilot by members of Lafayette Escadrille and as a result became their executive officer.  Unfortunately he was killed in a night bombing raid on 21 August 1918.  Card is a bit of a mystery which is reflected in the price. SOLD

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