Flight Manuals

  • H-19 USAF Helicopter Instructor's Binder

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     Large 3-ring binder containing five (5) manuals used by a helicopter instructor in about 1965-67 in the USAF Helicopter School, Stead AFB, Reno, Nevada and Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, Texas. These manuals are: Syllabus of Instruction (73pp), Flight Line H-19 Student Study Guide (79pp), Flight Line H-19 Instuctor-In-Training Guide (80pp), Flight Line H-19 Stage Briefing Guide (17 briefing outlines, about 150pp), and T.O. 1H-19-1 Flight Manual dated 1962.  Intersting green cloth binder with hand-drawn pilot wings, a profile of an H-19 helicopter and the instructors name penned on front cover.  All very good.

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  • CH-3C Helicopter Flight Manual - 1965

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     T.O. iH-3(C)-1, 29 October 1965 with change notices to 1967.  About 2" thick with all sections complete.  Housed in a vintage black 3-ring binder with the official color-coded stiff dividers.  Included in the changes are sections on the M-60 machine gun and there is a 10 page gunners handbook.  At the rear of the manual is a "Partial Flight Manual", likely for carrying onboard.  Excellent original condition. 

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  • T-33 Flight Manual - 1970

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     T.O. 1T-33A-1.  Basic manual dated Feb 1970 with change orders to Jan 1973.  About 1" thick with all the classic flight manual sections: Description, Normal Procedures, Energency Procedures, Aux Equip, Operating Limits, etc.  Housed in the classic green USAF 9-ring binder with the official dividers.  Very good original condition.

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  • AF Manual 51-40, Air Navigation Vol I

    SKU: 19-PILOT-27

     This 27-Chapter, 1" thick manual carries the date of 1 Aug 1968.  This is an excellent manual on all the basics of air navigation including dead reckoning, celestial, LORAN, radar nav, low-level, etc.  Profusely illustrated.  Excellent condition in the original blue vinyl binder with screw-post fasteners.  This is a classic manual used by all pilots and navigators in Vietnam-era flight schools. 

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  • H-19 Helicopter Operational Training Handbook - 1964

    SKU: 19-PILOT-24

     And yet another green cover handbook for student pilots, this one with 16 academic lessons in 82pp on subjects such as Weight & Balance, Flight Planning (3 lessons), Landing Site Evaluation, Search and Rescue, Hoist and Sling, All-Weather  Ops, Test Flight.  About fair with many student annotations.  Hard to believe this is now 50 years old; seems like I used it yesterday!

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  • H-19 Helicopter Handbook, Single Rotor Engineering - 1964

    SKU: 19-PILOT-23

     Another Stead AFB handbook, this one with nine lessons on helicopter systems such as engine, transmission, rotors, flight controls, etc.  71pp, each lesson has fill-in-the-blank questions from the Dash-1, Pilot Handbook.  This particular student did not complete the fill-ins but did completely fill the inside and outside of the back cover with review notes to include a lovely little hand drawing of the cyclic, collective pitch and rudders.  About fair-good with exceptions as noted above.

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  • H-19 Helicopter Advanced Flight and Instrument Handbook - 1965

    SKU: 19-PILOT-22

     Another green card cover manual, stapled and 3-hole punched, for training beyond that of the previous manual.  This one is 37pp with sections titled Low Level Navigation, Mountain Operations, Instrument Flight, Solo, Radio navigation, Search and Diversion, etc.  Again, a nostalic look into my past (especially buzzing houses of prostitution in Nevada and chasing wild horse herds!) Good with some student markings as expected.

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  • H-19 Helicopter Transition and Instrument Study Guide - 1965

    SKU: 19-PILOT-21

     USAF Helicopter Pilot Training handbook used at Stead AFB.  28 typed lesson assignments in 65pp.  Reading assignments followed by questions for the students in each of the lessons.  Green card covers, stapled, about good with light useage.  Brings back memories because I used this in my flight training at Stead! 

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  • CH-3 Operational Training Study Guide and Workbook - March 1967

    SKU: 19-PILOT-20

     Short 17pp guide, stapled and 3-hole punched.  Sections on Remote Area Operations, Performance Charts/Operating Limits, Weight adn Balance and Water Operations.  Designed with questions for the student pilot, fill-in-the-blank questions and spaces for calculations.  Frequent pencil annotations by an actual student pilot transitioning into the CH-3.  About good with useage markings.

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  • CH-3 Helicopter Student Study Guide Sheppard AFB- April 1967

    SKU: 19-PILOT-19

     Soft cover, stapled and 3-hole punched, 118pp.  Numerous sections on gound ops, pre-flight, night ops, remote area flight, hoist oeprations, instrument flight, etc.  Used by pilots transitioning to this famous helicopter prior to their tours in Vietnam and Thailand in Air Rescue and Special Operations during the Vietnam War.  Very good, lightly used.

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