Flight Manuals

  • Flight Manual, USAF T-38A - 1970

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    Pilot Handbook, T.O. 1T-38A-1, 1 March 1970.  Similar to the manual below, approx 80pp, illus, original 9-hole puched in the red leatherette binder.  The classic USAF advanced trainer flown by all USAF pilot trainees.  Very good.   

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  • Flight Manual, USAF T-38A - 1968

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    Pilot Handbook, T.O. 1T-38A-1, 1 March 1968.  Approx 70pp, illus, original 9-hole puched in the red leatherette binder.  The classic USAF advanced trainer flown by all USAF pilot trainees.  Very good with expected age-toning.  I remember my first flight transitioning from a 70 kt helicopter to a 500 kt jet; I took a breath at takeoff and exhaled at 10,000 ft.  Was I ever behind the aircraft!  Every pilot I know would like to have one of these for weekend jaunts.

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  • Flight Manual, USAF CH-3C, CH-3E, HH-3E Helicopters - 1967 (Combat-Used Copy)

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    Pilot Handbook, T.O. 1H-3(C)C-1, 27 December 1967.  Approx 100 pp plus numerous supplements.  Included in the front are telex interim operational supplements on the KB-18 Strike Camera, the Rescue Hoist and the AM-146 Terrain Implantation Bomb (used to mine the Ho Chi Minh trail).  This manual differs from the 1965 version in that there are sections on armor plating and the M-60 machine gun mounts.  This is a Vietnam combat-used manual from a dear friend who flew this aircraft on black-ops missions by Task Force Alpha into Laos from Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand.  Housed in the desireable red leatherette 9-ring binder; very good condition.

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  • Flight Manual, USAF CH-3C Helicopter - 1965

    SKU: 18-PILOT-00019

    Pilot Handbook, T.O. 1H-3(C)C-1, 17 September 1965.  Original Manual for this famous Vietnam-era rescue helicopter responsible for many rescues of downed aircrews.  Approx 100pp, original staples in left margin as received by pilot, in the desireable flexible red leatherette 9-ring binder with embossed cover "Flight Manual Basic Book".

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  • Flight Manual, HH-43B Kaman Helicopter - 1964

    SKU: 18-PILOT-00017

    Pilot Handbook, T.O. 1H-43(H)B-1, 18 February 1964.  Approx 60pp, b&w and color illus, 9-hole punched and in the rare red leatherette binder.  The original staple holds the pages together at the left margin indicating this manual was never really used and thus is in excellent condition.  Here's another one that I learned to fly in early 1967 before my tour at Ubon, Thailand in Det 3, 38 ARRS and then a short stint at Danang during the 1968 Tet Offensive.  Nice flying machine and an early jet turbine helicopter used for local base rescue, carrying two firefighters and a medic during combat missions.  An unusual configuration; a syncopter with counter-rotating main rotors and no tail rotor.  Blades were wood and not forgiving with a bird strike.

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  • Flight Manual, USAF CH-21B Helicopter - 1965

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    Pilot Handbook, USAF T.O. 1H-21(C)B-1, 1 February 1965.  Original manual for this Boeing Vertol "flying banana" helicopter.  A single engine drove two three-bladed rotors, fore and aft, and I can personally attest to the fact that the rear rotor always tried to overtake the front one.  This pesky machine was a wonderful instructor in the use of rudder pedals!  I have about 20 hours in this one and that is much-too-much.  This is an original manual in the rare red flexible binder and includes the divider tabs for each section.  Approx 75 pages, very good, some underlining by the student pilot.  Divider tabs are slightly separated with age.  Again, from the personal collection of a Vietnam-era helicopter pilot and my flight classmate.

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  • Flight Manual, UH-19B USAF Helicopter -1962

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    Original Pilot Manual for this early workhorse helicopter, dated 15 June 1962 (w/change orders to 1965).  Approx 75pp, color emergency procedure section, gage ranges and performance envelopes.  In the original red 9-ring binder with "Flight Manual Basic Book" embossed in gold on the front cover (these are rare in themselves).  Excellent condition.  (This was my first helicopter and the one that I flew as a USAF Instructor Pilot in 1965-67 at Stead and Sheppard AFBs)

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  • Flight Manual, F-16A/B - 1984

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    Pilot Handbook, USAF T.O. 1F-16A-1, 21 May 1984.  Approx 100pp, printed both sides, seems to be a period printshop copy in black and white, in a modern non-military 3-ring binder.  A favorite fighter that all of us would love to fly!  This copy is from the personal library of a Vietnam-era pilot. Excellent condition.

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  • Bf 109 Pilot Handbooks - Four Facsimile Copies

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    Flugzeug-Handbuch for the Bf 109 G-3 (Sep 1943), Bf 109 G-5 (July 1944, ), Bf 109 G-6/U4 (Feb 1944), Bf 109 G-8 (Jun 1944).  Each between 10-14pp, illus with drawings and photos, soft cover, 5.5x8".  These are facsimile reprints from the original, very good condition.  Price is for all four as a lot.

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  • JN-4B Handbook - 1917

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    Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation.  The Curtiss Standard JN-4B Military Tractor Handbook.  Buffalo, NY, 1917.  32pp, illus plus two large foldouts (front and side view of entire aircraft).  A companion to the V-2 motor handbook (18-PILOT-00008) and in the same wonderful condition (one foldout loose with some edge folds).  This is the classic U.S. Air Service Trainer in WWI, of course. 

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