Flight Manuals

  • B-24 Flight Manual - Consolidated Vultee, 1943

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     Large hardcover, brown leatherette.  Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, San Diego, 1943, 8.75 x 11.5", 263pp, illus., folding charts at the back, marked "Restricted" on front cover and all pages.  Stamped on first endpaper is "No B 3793"; a serial number that correlates to the aircraft this manual was shipped with.  Very good, essentially unused.

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  • WWII Army F-8 Erection and Maintenance Manual (partial) - 1944

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     T.O. No. 91-150JA-2, Erection and Maintenance Instructions for Army Model F-8 Airplane.  Marked "Restricted".  Partial manual (pp 1-12, 33-34, 39-40, 59-60, 77-78, 153-160) may be a revision or change notice but not marked as such.  Never the less, the included pages have many of the interesting illustrations such as cutaways of entire aircraft, packing and jacking diagrams, engine mounts, fuel systems, camera locations and two very detailed cockpit drawings. Very good.

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  • WWII Students' Manual - Advanced Single Engine Flying - circa 1944

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     Prepared by the Central Instructors School, Randolph Field, Texas.  82pp, illus, wrps, 8.5x11".  About fair - good condition.  Clearly based on the AT-6.  Covers all the standard manuevers as even I remember in pilot training mid-1960s.  Of great interest is the advice on the first two pages: "If you're going to be a fighter-pilot, Mister, you'd better take aim!  Your three aims: 1) Learn Maximum Performance Flying, 2) Become an Officer, 3) Kill the Enemy. "

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  • WWII B-24 Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions - 1943

    SKU: 20-PILOT-39

     Original Pilot's "Dash-1" dated November 10, 1943.  92pp, 8.5x11", card cover, 3-hole with plastic posts and index dividers (heavily bumped).  Difficult to find in the original Army Air Corps format which differs considerably from the Douglas hardcover brown buckram covers. About fair condition but I prefer this kind of manual because it shows genuine WWII wear. SOLD

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  • PG-2A Pilot's Handbook - 1945

    SKU: 20-PILOT-38

     Original WWII flight manual for the powered version of the Waco CG-4A glider. Only 10 of these gliders powered by 200 hp Ranger engines were produced and it is reported that just one was put into service.  This rare manual is 32pp, illus with photos and drawings and is dated 21 Dec 1945.  It also carries a printer's text on the bottom left of the front cover: Gray Ptg Co., Fostoria, Ohio 1-23-46.  Condition is very good; 3-hole punched for a binder.  SOLD

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  • B-50/B-36 Sperry Engine Analyzer Operations and Maintenance Manual - 1950

    SKU: 20-CAT-16

     Original factory manual from the Sperry Gyroscope Company.  Publication 23-127, May 1950.  Approx 150pp, numerous foldout illus and photographs.  8 1/2x11", wrps, screw-post binding.  This is a well-used manual with dusty/dirty cover and some smudges throughout.  The very first foldout illus is of the B-36 and B-50 engine analyzer locations on board each aircraft.  Fun reading, especially for the B-36.  SOLD

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  • TM 9-227 - 20-MM Aircraft Gun - 1943

    SKU: 20-CAT-15

     Technical Manual for 20mm Automatic Gun M1 and 20mm Aircraft Automatic Gun An-M2, 1 June 1943.  136pp, illus, wrps, stamped "RESTRICTED" on front cover.  About good condition, light cover soil, contents sound with no marks.

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  • Saab 35XD "Draken" Flight Manual - 1971

    SKU: 20-PILOT-35

     Original pilot's handbook in English dated 1971 with updates to 1992.  Manual is structured very much like USAF Dash-1; 10 sections in two volumes (bound as one) with sections such as normal procedures, emergency procedures, flight characteristics, performance data, etc. This is a massive 910 page manual for the F/RF/TF versions having b&w illus, foldouts, etc.; all in an original white vinyl binder with an unusual binder mechanism.  Very good condition, likely unused. SOLD

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  • Caliber .50, M2 Browning Machine Gun Aircraft Basic Training Manual

    SKU: 19-PILOT-32

     Spiral bound 8.5x11" manual, 78pp, profusely illus with breakdown parts drawings including a 11x24" foldout inside the back cover.  Front cover identifies the publisher as the AC Spark Plug and Frigidaire Divisions of General Motors.  The manual seems to be dated March 1943.  About good condition with normal age wear and coloring; previous owners name and a hand-drawn swastika on front cover along with a woman's name written numerous times inside back cover (shades of an early heart-throb!).

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  • T-41 Instructor's Binder 1976-77, USAF Academy.

    SKU: 19-PILOT-31

     A 3-ring binder used by an instructor in the USAF Academy's Pilot Indoctrination Program in the Cessna T-41 (A Cessna 172 with a 220HP engine for high altitude flight).  The binder contains the following manuals: Syllabus of Instruction (12pp), Flight Line T-41C Student Study Guide (72pp), 557th Flying Training Squadron Operating and Flying Instructions (56pp), Flying Training Gradebook Maintenance and IP Techniques (27pp), ATC Phamplet 51-12, Wake Turbulence (10pp) and AFM  51-37, Instrument Flying (157pp) and an Inflight Guide "Operating & Flying Instructions.  All very good condition.  

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