Flight Manuals

  • T-34A Flight Manual - 1958

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    T.O. 1T-34A-1.  10 Feb 1958, changed to 1 July 1960.  About 150pp, illus.  Very good condition, in blue fiberboard binder (not USAF).  Original pilot handbook for a popular trainer.

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  • T-33A Flight Handbook - 1956

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    T.O. 1T-33A-1 / NAVAER 01-75FJC-1.  About 300pp, illus, dated 15 Aug 1956. In a period Carmody Corp Library pressboard binder (not orig USAF but dated 1957).  Several period safety and ops supplements.  Generally G-VG condition.

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  • T-39A Flight Manual

    SKU: 17-PILOT-00004

    T.O. 1T-39A-1.  Dated 31 May 1976.  About 350pp, illus, no binder, brass posts in 9-hole punched pages.  I flew this aircraft from 1978-1984 and this is one of my personal copies.  Fond memories!

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  • C-54 (USAF) / R5D (USN) Flight Manual

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    T.O. 1C-54D-1 and NAVWEPS 01-40NS-1.  28 September 1961.  Well-known cargo aircraft pilot manual in original hard-card printed binder.  About 300pp, illus.  Looks to be complete.  Very good condition.

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  • C-119 Flight Manual - 1964 w/original binder and dividers

    SKU: 17-PILOT-00001

    T.O. 1C-119G-1.  Approx 350pp, illus.  A number of safety and operational supplements included, some are old thermo-copies.  Rare in the original red leatherette 3-ring binder with the hard-cardboard dividers for each section.  Dates are 1964-66.  A nice Vietnam-era flight manual (pilot's handbook).  I think I jumped out of this one at Fort Benning in 1962...shivers-up-my spine!  SOLD

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  • Handbook of Aircraft Armament - Facsimile Reprint

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    The same manual as seen below but a lovely facsimile reprint by Early Aeronautica in a limited edition, numbered, of 25.  These have covers in antique cloth with the same titling and brass posts as the original, all done by master binder, Vernon Weiring in Grand Rapids, MI.  The color foldout of the Lewis gun is faithful to the original as are the two other foldouts.  I took great pains to get this right and you will be impressed with the quality of the printing and binding.  Each copy is hand-numbered in a form like the original.  Actually, the paper quality is better than the original; coated and thicker.  I will have these at SOS in Louisville and other spring midwestern shows.  I think you will be impressed by the quality.

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  • Handbook of Aircraft Armament - Original 1918- RARE

    SKU: 16-PILOT-00001

    Bureau of Aircraft Production, Air Service, U.S. Army.  Handbook of Aircraft Armament.  Washington, GPO, 1918.  96pp, illus, one color foldout of aircraft Lewis gun, two foldouts of synchronizing gears.  Loads of photos in sections on machine guns, machine gun mounts, sychro gears, bombs bomb releases. bomb sights, ammunition, pyrotechnics and small arms.  6x8.5", hard cover with brass posts.  This is the definitive reference on WWI US aircraft arms.  It is one of the few places, for example, where you can identify U.S. aircraft bombs to include dimensions, weights and colors.  I have seen only two of these in 45 years of collecting and I own both; this one for sale.  On all of the internet book search sites, there are just two for sale at prices around $4000.  Of course, these are pie-in-the-sky dealer shots but it is definitely rare.  This one is serial numbered 4512 and is clearly stamped "Confidential".  Condition is good, some cover scuffs and the title page with roundel has an offset color of blue and a corner paper repair.  Elsewise it is a nice example of this rare manual. SOLD

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