Flight Manuals

  • WWII B-24 Pilot's Flight Manual - 1943

    SKU: 21-PILOT-60

     Original manual dated 1 April 1943, 8.5x11", 3-hole punched, 84pp, stapled upper left, all pages marked "Restricted".  Very good; ink name upper right front cover.

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  • WWII P-40 Pilot Training Manual - 1944

    SKU: 21-PILOT-59

     Original training manual, 8x10.5", 94pp, illus, all pages and cover marked "Restricted".  Organized very similar to a Dash-1 but with simpler language and diagrams.  Condition about good; one small chip from front cover, edge bumping and light soiling.  Quite desirable and seldom found. (Automatic shopping cart feature not available for this item.  Inquire and invoice will be sent)

    Price: $145.00
  • P-51 Mustang Famous Aircraft Series

    SKU: 21-PILOT-58

     Morgan, Len.  The P-51 Mustang - Famous Aircraft Series. Blue Ridge Summit, PA, TAB BOOKS, First Edition, 4th Printing, 1963.  500pp, illus, wrps, 8.5x11".  Includes 93pp (four to a page) reproduction of the original P-51 Pilot Training Manual.  Very good.  An essential book for the Mustang lover.

    Price: $12.00
  • WWII Royal Australian Air Force Pilot Kneeboard

    SKU: 21-UN-19

     Unusual (and unused) vintage pilot's flight computer for use in a single seat aircraft.  Top aluminum cover has the classic rotating flight computer for time, distance, airspeed, etc.  Stamped at the top of the outside cover with "Ident No. G6B/145", " King's Crown and R.A.A.F." and "Serial Number WG/1652*". At the bottom is "Computer Navigational Mk.III.D."  Flip open the cover and you find the classic rotating drift track for displaying course.  At the side, lower right, is a knob that scrolls an inside moving airspeed graph.  Inside the open cover is a small notebook for recording flight data. The unit is very heavy (about 2.5 lb) and is unused including the notebook.  The entire unit is in excellent unused condition (one screw holding back leg contour bracket is missing but easily replaced)  

    Price: $125.00
  • De Havilland Gipsy Moth Rigging/Maintenance Notes - 1927

    SKU: 21-PILOT-56

     Original handbook for this classic biplane.  The De Havilland Aircraft Co., Middlesex, 1927.  18pp, 10 large foldout drawings, stiff cloth covers, 2-hole cord binding. Fair, pages loose.  A number of these are still flying....add this manual to yours!

    Price: $85.00
  • WWII Recognition Handbook of British Aircraft - 1942

    SKU: 21-PILOT-55

     Original Royal Air Force Manual with "Not to Be Taken in the Air" on the front cover.  Air Ministry Publ 1480A, 1942.  No page numbers, about 1.25" thick, eight sections with index tabs, 6x7.5", stiff card covers, 3-hole punched with cord ties.    Fair; cover wear, text block heavily used (this is good!).

    Price: $75.00
  • WWII R.A.F. Handbook "Silhouettes of American Aircraft" - 1939

    SKU: 21-PILOT-53

     Original Royal Air Force ID manual (similar to below-listed manual but 3 years earlier).  Air Ministry Publ 1480 I, 1939.  No page numbers, one aircraft per page/very detailed silhouette drawings, 7 sections with index tab dividers, 5.5x7.5", 3-hole cord binding with stiff card covers.  About good-plus; small cover stains and index tab folds.

    Price: $70.00
  • WWII R.A.F. Handbook "Silhouettes of American Aircraft" - 1939 (reprinted 1942)

    SKU: 21-PILOT-52

     Original Royal Air Force ID manual.  Air Ministry Publ 1480 I, 1939.  No page numbers, one aircraft per page/very detailed silhouette drawings, 9 sections with index tab dividers, 5x7", 3-hole cord binding with soft covers.  About good; small cover stains and index tab folds.

    Price: $55.00
  • WWII R.A.F. Flight Training Manual - 1940

    SKU: 21-PILOT-51

     Original Royal Air Force Flying Training Manual, Part I - Landplanes.  Air Ministry Publ 129, revised 1940, reprinted 1941.  No page numbers but about 1" thick with 119 illus including foldouts, 6x9", stiff card covers, cord binding.  Very good.  

    Price: $90.00
  • RAF Flying Training Manual - 1931

    SKU: 21-PILOT-50

     Original Royal Air Force Flying Training Manual, Part 1 - Flying Instruction.  Air Ministry, Air Publication 129, 1931.  238pp, illus, stiff card covers with cord binding.  Good, cover soil.

    Price: $75.00