Flight Manuals

  • Original WWI Renault Engine Manual - 1917

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     Instruction Manual, Renault 300 HP 12 Cylinder Airplane Motor.  English text, 140x210mm (5.5x8.25"), 38pp plus 5 folding plates, 11 illus, wrps.  Printing date of Dec 1917.  Ink US Air Service mechanic's name and 1918 date on front cover.  Well-used manual with finger print grease smudges throughout and a few pencil annotations ( for me, this is a significant plus).  Otherwise fair with no missing pages or tears; center vertical crease from folding to put in rear pants pocket.  (Automatic ordering not available for this item.  Invoice sent upon request instead.)

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  • "Snopers & How to Blast 'Em" - 1943

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     Fixed Gunnery and Combat Tactics Series No.5.  Training Division, Bureau of Aeronautics, United States Navy 1943.  8x10", 20pp, illus with cartoons, 2-hole punched left margin, single staple, marked "CONFIDENTIAL" .  Various sections cover how to attack and destroy single reconnaisance aircraft of the Japanese and Germans. Generally good+, covers loose at the staple, some minor edge bumps.  A seldom seen publication for WWII fighter pilots. 

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  • WWII Air Corps Pilot Training Log - Harrell Field, Camden, Arkansas - 1942

    SKU: 21-PILOT-8

     Interesting log book for a pilot trainee who FAILED !  Training conducted by contractor Wiggens-Marden Aero Corp.  Only four pages completed from May 1, 1942 to June 2, 1942, for a total of nearly 16 hours.  Shown at the left is the front cover (top) and right page of last entries (below).  Seems he flew a number of different PT-17 Stearmans and had 6 checkrides.  First check ride says he "hit the washing machine" and the last two seem to indicate that he is beyond hope!  Condition is very good. 

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  • Vietnam-Era Bell HU-1/A "Huey" Pilot Manual - 1959

    SKU: 21-PILOT-7

     Original Bell Helicopter Pilot Indoctrination Manual.  No date except one page supplement dated 3/15/59.  54pp + 10 foldouts. Small pocket size, 4x7", plastic comb binding.  Likely used by Bell as part of their early training of Army pilots.  Very good.

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  • WWI Royal Flying Corps Logbook - 1918

    SKU: 21-PILOT-6

     Pilot's Flying Log Book, 2nd Lieut. D. Lewis, RFC.  Covers the period Mar 10, 1918 through Dec 9, 1918 during which time Lewis flew the DH6, RE8, BE2E and Avro for a total of 298 hr, 10 min.  This is a very complete log with 36 double pages filled in.  Lewis started his training March 10th and soloed March 16 at 5 hours total time!  From what I can tell, Lewis was retained in the 20th Training Squadron as an instructor pilot.  His students are all listed as passengers on various dual flights.  These Army Books 425 are all fragile; this one is no exception.  Covers are intact but loose at the spine; contents are very good.

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  • TB-25 Checklist - 1955

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     Checklist used at Altus AFB, Oklahoma.  Pilot's name penned inside front cover.  Unfortunately pages 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 are missing.  Thus only fair but would make a good display piece, especially if you have the flight manual.

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  • USAF A-10A "WARTHOG" Flight Manual - 1976

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     Very early pilot handbook for this wonderful ground support aircraft still in use 40 years later.  259pp + 6-foldouts, illus, housed in a USAF 3-ring black binder (the classic red binder is too small for this thick manual) with the patch of the 104th Fighter Wing glued to the front cover.  A 15 Mar 1977 supplement is included that is stamped "Preliminary USAF / Fairchild Republic Company", thus the assumption this is an early copy of an A-10 pilot manual.  By the way, the 104th Ftr Wg was established in 1942 and flew P47, P51, F94, F86 F84 and F100...and today the F-15 as a Massachusetts Air National Guard Wing.  They flew the A-10 from 1979 to 2007.  Good condition. SOLD

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  • USAF T-28A Flight Handbook - 1952

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     T.O. No. 1T-28A-1.  134pp, illus, many pages marked "RESTRICTED", likely because this was during the Korean War.  About good+.  Many fond memories in this, my first aircraft in the USAF.  Little did my instructor notice that I flew my first solo traffic pattern with my gear down and wondering why the darn thing was so slow! Hard to believe this manual is 65 years old.

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  • UC-45J/RC-45J Flight Manual - 1967

    SKU: 21-PILOT-2

     NAVAIR 01-90CE-1 NATOPS Flight Manual.  Chief of Naval Operations, 15 Nov 1967.  119pp. illus, in original heavy card covers with screw posts.  Very good.  Nice manual for this classic Beechcraft twin engine utility aircraft, now 50 years old.

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  • T-34 Flight Manual, NAVAIR 01-90KDB-1 - 1967

    SKU: 21-PILOT-1

     Original pilot handbook for this famous trainer.  144pp + 16pp checklist copy.  Card covers, screwpost binding.  Covers have ink owner's marks and wrinkles; about fair.  Contents good +; a back page has a tape repair.  A "must" for the civilian owner of this nice aircraft.

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